LUMIX S lenses: cashback up to 300 EUR until 11.10.2022

Get up to 300 EUR cashback when buyong LUMIX S Series lenses! The manufacturer's discount can be up to EUR 300 (depending on the lens) including VAT and applies to the S-X50E, S-E2470E, S-E70200E (EUR 300), S-R70200E (EUR 200), S-R1635E, S-R70300E (EUR 150), S-R24105E, S-S24E (EUR 100) and S-S85E, S-S35E (EUR 50). Cashback can be applied to the above lensespurchased between 1.8.-11.10.2022 after registration (between 15.8.-30.10.2022) on the manufacturer's website. After registration, the amount will be refunded to your account.