About us

Syntex was founded in 1994 to provide products and solutions for professional computer-to-video animation transcription, computer graphics and animation, professional editing and video processing. It was one of the pioneers in this field in the Czech Republic and over time has established itself as a stable, reliable and well-functioning company.

It operates as a distributor in its sector, providing technical support, service, consulting, training, but also taking care of end customers.

It specializes in the following key segments:

  • Professional video editing and processing.
  • Digital video processing for the widest range of users, including video amateurs and enthusiasts.
  • 2D/3D graphics and animation, post-production and effects.
  • Streaming and transmission of video and audio.
  • Camera technology and complete accessories.
  • Studio equipment.
  • Bespoke specialist software development.

Syntex acts as a distributor or dealer for renowned companies including SONY, Panasonic, Grass Valley, Blackmagic Design, Adobe, Datavideo, Kramer Electronics, Libec, CONST, NewTek, Azden, Stardom, Cartoni, MagicSoft, Reflecmedia, Sennheiser, Synco, Saramonic, SmallRig, Tilta, Moment, Rode, Dji and others.

Over the course of its existence, Syntex has completed hundreds of projects covering all key segments of its business. Our references and satisfied customers include:

  • Full-screen commercial television, such as TV NOVA, Prima, CT, JOJ, Markíza, STV, Z1, TA3 and others.
  • Most of the local and urban TV stations, including Metropol TV, TV Región, TVA, TV Patriot, TV Centrál, TV Trnava, TV Poprad, TV REDUTA, TV Karpaty, Dúbravská televízia, TV Karlova Ves, TV Pohoda, TV Humenné, TV Bánovské televizne vysielanie, TV Turiec, TV Považie, TV Galanta and others.
  • Schools and universities, including FAMU, VŠMU, Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, UAT in Bratislava, Film School in Košice and others.


In 1999, Syntex expanded to Slovakia, where it created a subsidiary in Bratislava to better serve the Slovak market.

Syntex is proud of the opening of its luxury showroom in Prague 4 in 2019. This showroom, also equipped with a warehouse, now serves as a space where a rich assortment of about 7,000 products is available. All goods are also dispatched from this location, providing customers with the opportunity to meet the products in person before purchase and quick access to a wide portfolio of audio-visual equipment.

In 2021, Syntex opened an office in Budapest, Hungary, expanding its presence in the Central European region. At the same time, the syntex.cz e-shop was expanded to a European version in English for the whole EU, available at www.syntex.tv. This platform offers a wide range of audio-video products for professional and amateur users.

In 2022, Syntex expanded its e-shop reach by creating localised e-shops in German at www.syntexshop.de for the German market and www.syntexshop.at for the Austrian market. The following year, in 2023, further localised e-shops were launched for the Slovenian market at www.syntexshop.si and for the Croatian market at www.syntexshop.hr.

In 2024, Syntex introduced an innovative shopping app for mobile devices called "Syntex.cz". This mobile app represents a new era of audio and video technology shopping. For filmmakers, video bloggers and all those who value high quality audio and video, it brings a unique opportunity to explore the extensive catalogue of audio-video products directly from a mobile phone or tablet.

The Syntex.cz app offers users several key features, including a product catalogue, search with whisper, integration with a user account, order overview and status, a shared cart between the app and the web version, order history, access to invoices, and an overview and status of complaints.

The app is designed to leverage mobile data for content retrieval, allowing direct contact with the client center via phone and storing orders and data directly on the user's device without sending it to external servers. This ensures the security and convenience of users when shopping and managing their orders through the Syntex.cz mobile app. Thus, Syntex continues its innovative growth, offering customers a wide range of products and modern services.