Complaints and return of goods

Legal relationship and general notices

1.1.Effectiveness. These terms of use of the website are effective from 12 November 2019.

1.2.Website. For purposes of this document, our website means the collection of all web pages comprising our website operated at

and all sub-sites.

1.3.Service. For the purposes of this document, the Service means the information society service that you use by using our website, the provider of which is the commercial company Syntex Praha s.r.o., with registered office at Michelská 291/21, 11000 Prague, ID No. 14358697, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 364416, Tax ID No. CZ143586976 (for the purposes of this document referred to as "we" or corresponding terms). By using the Service, a legal relationship is created between us and the recipient of the Service (for the purposes of this document referred to as "you" or corresponding terms).

1.4.Web Content. For the purposes of this document, the web content that we supply to you as part of the service means all data that you receive from us based on a request made by you via your web browser, in particular text, images, but also the source code of pages.

1.5.Scope of the Service. No minimum scope is guaranteed in the provision of this service. The Service may be temporarily or permanently unavailable, in whole or in part. Its user interface, appearance, or functionality may change or be removed at our unilateral discretion, which is not subject to the need for prior notice.

1.6.Service Pricing. The Service is provided by us free of charge. You pay for the hardware, software and connectivity to the Service.

1.7.Reservation of Change of Terms. These terms of use for the website are subject to change and update from time to time. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the most current version of the Web Content before using it.

1.8.General Restrictions. You are prohibited from using any means to violate or circumvent the security measures associated with this Service or our other services, related and other Internet services and sites, or computer networks.

1.9.Disclaimer. To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that we will not be liable for any damages that you may incur in connection with this service and also agree to limit the amount of any such damages to £0.


2.1.License Exclusion. If the Web Content is a copyrighted work in whole or in part, and unless otherwise stated for a particular component of the Web Content, we do not grant you a license to the Web Content and you may not use the Web Content outside of the statutory limitations and exceptions without our express permission.

2.2.Database Rights. You are not authorized to mine or otherwise use our databases without our express permission. In addition, you agree to refrain from similar conduct with respect to such of our databases that do not enjoy copyright protection.

2.3.Links. If you link to the Website, you acknowledge that you may not provide third parties with a link that circumvents our security or means of controlling the distribution of content, such as links available only to logged-in users. In addition, in all cases, we reserve the right to change the structure and content of the website or to introduce new or modify existing means of content control, which may result in the non-functionality of content previously obtained by you. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to compensation for any damages in such a case.

Personal data, its processing and temporary files

3.1.Legislation. All processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) ("GDPR


3.2.Processing of personal data for the performance of a contract and in connection with contracts entered into. The personal data entered in the context of an order for our goods or services is subject to the terms and conditions for the processing of personal data set out in the documents with which you will be acquainted before entering into the relevant contract.

3.3.Personal data entered elsewhere on the website. The following terms and conditions apply only in respect of personal data you enter on our website which is not covered by the preceding clause of these terms and conditions.

3.4.Processing of personal data for sending commercial communications. If we receive electronic contact details from you, we will also process your personal data for the purpose of further offering our goods and services to you via commercial communications based on our legitimate interest, unless you have opted out of such communications.

3.5.Processing of personal data on the basis of legitimate interest. We also process your personal data for the purpose of evaluating website traffic and compiling statistics and records, based on our legitimate interest in monitoring website traffic and optimizing the website. We do this for the time necessary to evaluate the collected data and implement any adjustments. We pass this data to our processors for processing, who analyse traffic and help us to operate the website and e-commerce solution.

3.6.Processing of personal data for compliance with our legal obligations. We also process your personal data for the purposes of, and in order to comply with, our legal obligations, in particular to provide information to public authorities.

3.7.Scope of processing of personal data. The personal data we process are: and surname, of birth,


3.7.4.e-mail address,

3.7.5.telephone number,

3.7.6.identification number and tax identification number,

3.7.7.IP address,

3.7.8.registration and setup information,

3.7.9.communication data,


order and transaction data.

3.8.You may at any timeobject to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending you commercial communications, just as you may at any time withdraw your prior consent to the processing of your personal data for any other purpose, unless the processing is for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations under contracts, for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations or for any other purpose arising from our legitimate interests.

3.9.Storage period. We only store personal data for the period necessary to achieve the purposes set out above. After the purpose of processing has passed, we will immediately destroy the personal data.

3.10.Persons involved in the processing. All the personal data mentioned above are processed by us as the controller. This means that we determine the above defined purposes for which we collect your personal data, determine the means of processing and are responsible for its proper execution. For the processing of personal data, we also use the services of other processors who only process personal data according to our instructions. Such processors include, in particular, IT service providers and other technology and support providers, operators of marketing tools and providers of communication tools.

3.11.Rights of the data subject. You also have the following rights in relation to your personal data: request the rectification of inaccurate or outdated personal data, so that if you discover that the personal data we process about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to have it rectified or completed without undue delay, request confirmation as to whether processing is taking place and, if so, information relating to that processing to the extent provided for in Article 15 of the GDPR, as well as a copy of the data processed (we are entitled to charge a fee for further copies to cover the necessary costs), some cases you have the right to have your personal data erased by us. We will delete your personal data without undue delay if we no longer need it for the purposes for which we processed it, or you exercise your right to object to the processing and we find that we no longer have such legitimate interests justifying the processing, or it becomes apparent that the processing of your personal data by us is no longer in accordance with generally binding regulations. However, this right does not apply if the processing of your personal data is still necessary for compliance with our legal obligation, for archiving purposes, for scientific or historical research or statistical purposes, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. exercise the right to restrict the processing of personal data. This right allows you to request, in certain cases, that your personal data be marked and not be subject to any further processing operations - in this case, however, not forever (as in the case of the right to erasure), but for a limited period of time. We have to restrict the processing of personal data when you dispute the accuracy of the personal data before we can agree what data is correct or we process your personal data without sufficient legal basis (e.g. beyond what we have to process) but you would prefer only to restrict such data before erasing it (e.g. if you expect that you would provide us with such data in the future anyway), or we no longer need the personal data for the above processing purpose but you require it for the establishment, exercise or defence of your legal claims, or you object to the processing and we are obliged to restrict the processing of your personal data for the period of time we are investigating whether your objection is justified.

3.11.5Request the transfer of personal data in cases of processing based on your consent or under contract,

3.11.6.object to processing of personal data that is based on our legitimate interest. We will stop processing your personal data unless we have compelling legitimate grounds for continuing to do so. If we object to marketing activities, we will cease those activities.

3.12.Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. In the event that you become convinced that our processing of your personal data has violated the GDPR, you have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection, located at Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7 (

3.13.Files stored on your device for later access (temporary files). Our website may use cookie technology (and possibly other technologies based on a similar principle, such as Adobe Flash). This means that we store small data files in a dedicated location in your device's memory that allow us to provide you with a service and to further improve it. This and the following points apply to those of the temporary files that are not themselves also personal data.

3.14.Temporary files technologically necessary to provide the service. Some temporary files are technologically necessary to provide the Service. This means that their storage cannot be avoided while maintaining the functionality of the Service. These include:

3.14.1.files representing the contents of your virtual shopping cart,

3.14.2.files representing your preferences regarding the filtering of the product list,

3.14.3.files representing your language and currency preferences,


files representing your preferences regarding shipping or delivery and payment methods.

3.15.temporary files stored for the purpose of providing a value-added service. In contrast, we store some temporary files in order to provide you with a better quality and more personalised service. As part of this, we may store the following on your device:

3.15.1.files carrying information about your movements on the website, including files further processed by third parties in an anonymised form to provide website traffic analysis,

3.15.2.files carrying information for advertising purposes, so that we can show you advertising for products and services that may be of interest to you and not annoy you,


files containing information about your geographical location.

3.16.Disagreeing to the storage of temporary files and blocking them. Your browser may also not support the storage of temporary files at all, otherwise it will usually allow you to manage and block them. If you use this option, you acknowledge that some parts of the service may not work correctly - for example, logging in and therefore the entire user account, or saving language settings.

User account

4.1.Definition. User account means a record in our database and the data associated with it; it is identified by a login name and password used for authentication. Personal data may be associated with a user account and, where the user account represents a legal entity, this personal data identifies the natural person acting on its behalf.

4.2.Use of the user account. Certain parts of the Service may be tied to access to a User Account. In this case, it is necessary to register for a user account, which is subject to the registration conditions set out below.

4.3.User Account Registration Terms. By registering, you agree to the following terms:

4.3.1.We will carry out the registration based on your request submitted via the web form located on the Website, provided that all the required information is provided and you agree to these registration terms.

4.3.2One email address can only be used for one user account.

4.3.3The Provider reserves the right to refuse registration.

4.3.4 Theuser account is used, among other things, to communicate and deal with us. It is your responsibility to ensure that only you or a person authorised by you has access to your user account. Actions of such person within the User Account shall be deemed to be acting as an agent.

4.3.5As part of system maintenance, we may cancel inactive user accounts and cancel or merge duplicate user accounts.

4.3.6In the event of a breach of your obligations under this document, we have the right to terminate or restrict the provision of the Service to you, for example by blocking your user account, deleting it or preventing you from accessing the Website.

Uploading user content to the website

5.1.Checking your content. As a matter of principle, your activities on the Service are not subject to review, approval or moderation by us and we do not verify their compliance with the law. We do, however, reserve the right to conduct various types of content review, either before or after publication, and to filter or disable content based on that review (for example, in the form of suspending spam or defamatory comments or disabling access to identified illegal content).

5.2.File storage. As part of this service, we allow you to upload and store files on storage sites operated by us ("Uploaded Content"). You acknowledge that, as part of this portion of this Service, we do not warrant that the Uploaded Content will remain unaltered or available. In particular, you acknowledge that we are not liable for any damages you may incur in connection with the loss or damage to the Uploaded Content.

5.3.Third party rights and legal obligations in connection with the storage of files. By uploading content via our service, you confirm that you have sufficient authority to do so, in particular that the uploaded content is not subject to legal protection, or that you are the author or executor of the property rights in the uploaded content to an appropriate extent. You also acknowledge that in the event that we become aware that certain content has been transmitted or uploaded through this Service without authorisation, we have the right to delete or make it unavailable without notice and the obligation to cooperate with the authorities investigating possible illegal activity in respect of such content, which may include disclosing stored traffic and location data about you.

5.4.Features related to the uploading of user data to the website. As part of this service, we also provide:

5.4.1.theability to add public comments,

5.4.2. theability to discuss in the forum,

With respect to the above, the provisions "control of your content", "file storage" and "third party rights and legal obligations in connection with file storage" apply mutatis mutandis, with the corresponding option from the preceding list being considered "uploaded content". In this case, illegal content may occur, for example, in the case of sharing copyrighted texts, defamatory statements against other persons or unauthorised offering of goods or services protected by trademark law.