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Libec ZC-LP

The Libec ZC-LP remote zoom control is equipped with an inverted switch that allows
90.34 €
In stock 2 pcs

Libec ZFC-L

The New ZFC-L Zoom Focus Control is our most innovative remote control for LANC (Sony,
110.06 €
In stock 4 pcs

Libec REC-LA LANC Start/Stop Remote Control

Libec REC remote control for LANC recorders and video cameras.
149.51 €
In stock > 5 pcs

Varizoom VZ-ROCK

Our most popular LANC unit offers the finest degree of control and a complete feature
270.02 €
To be sent 5 pcs

Libec EX-530DV

TheLibec EX-530DV is a 5.3m long extension cable for zoom control for LANC (Sony,
35.5 €
In stock 1 pcs

Fujinon MS-01/X1 Semi-Servo Lens Control Kit

  • Free transport
2 122.16 €
In stock 2 pcs


The Varizoom VZ-ROCK-PZFI utilizes a pressure-sensitive, side-to-side rocker switch
353.65 €
In stock 3 pcs

Libec A-3AV

  • End Of Life
Conversion cable for connecting LANC controllers to the new Sony Handycan cameras
19.49 €
To be sent 2 pcs

Sony RM-1BP

The RM-1BP Remote Commander controller is a small hard-wired controller designed
272.07 €
To be sent 2 pcs

Libec DC-Z12 (ZD-1 - Fujinon 12p)

Connection cable for Fujinon 12-pin portable lenses and the ZD-1.
153.45 €
In stock 2 pcs

Libec ZD-1 Zoom Demand

Libec ZD-1 is a a studio-grade zoom demand controller compatible with Canon and Fujinon
843.78 €
In stock 2 pcs

Varizoom VZ-PFI

Specifically designed for Panasonic cameras, the affordable and versatile VZPFI offers
176.79 €
In stock 2 pcs

Blackmagic Design Zoom Demand

Get zoom control of MFT lenses with power zoom when using Blackmagic Studio Cameras.
277.09 €
In stock 1 pcs

Libec ZC-9EX

SONY PMW EX cameras connectable zoom controlCompatible with SONY PMW-EX cameras.
181.06 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Varizoom VZ-ROCK-F

Our most compact, lightweight and affordable control for Fujinon professional lenses.
293.59 €
In stock 1 pcs


Specifically designed for Panasonic, this is the first and only zoom, focus, and
234.66 €
In stock 1 pcs

Varizoom VZ-PG-PZ

Professional zoom control for Panasonic cameras.
314.65 €
In stock 1 pcs

Libec CABLE500

TheCABLE500 is a 5m long cable that transmits the motor head control commands (rotation,
102.64 €
3-5 days

Libec DC-Z20 (ZD-1 - Canon 20p)

Connection cable for Canon 20-pin portable lenses and the ZD-1.
153.45 €
14-30 days

Sony RM-30BP

  • Free transport
LANC remote control for Sony HXR-NX5R, PXW-FS5 and PXW-FS7 (v4.0).
1 068.01 €
on request

Sony RM-VPR1

The Sony RM-VPR1 is a wired control for Sony handycam cameras and Sony Alpha digital
82.33 €
14-30 days

Nipros FR-S10

Nipros FR-S10 - Controller for use with Sony CBK-DCB01 Control Interface Unit For
667.77 €
To be sent 1 pcs

Libec EX-530Pro

TheLibec EX-530Pro is a 5.3m long extension cable for zoom control for pro ENG l
115.03 €
on request

Libec A-12P

The Libec A-12P is a 12-pin interconnect cable that allows you to connect an 8-pin
86.39 €
on request

Libec CU30

The CU30 is a remote control unit for the REMO30. The main advantage of this unit
527.45 €
3-5 days

Libec ZC-9Pro

Zoom control for ENG lensesThe ZC-9Pro can be used with both Canon and Fujinon 8-pin
137.67 €
on request

Libec EX-330

The Libec EX330DV is an extension cable for use with the Libec ZC-3DV zoom control
73.22 €
3-5 days

Varizoom VZ-PRO-L

Our longest-produced LANC control has an aluminum housing, isolated circuit board,
328.96 €
1-2 days

Varizoom VZRL100 Lanc Zoom Lens Control

Our most economical LANC unit offers superior zoom control. With its wide-sweep zoom
144.19 €
on request

Varizoom VZ-ROCK-DVX

Specifically designed for Panasonic cameras, the VZROCKDVX offers the finest degree
234.66 €
3-5 days