Datavideo PTC-140 NDI

Manufacturer Datavideo has introduced its first NDI product, the PTC-140 NDIinstallation camera. The new model supports NDI|HX technology and offers simultaneous output on NDI, 3G-SDI and HDMI interfaces up to 1080p60 resolution. With NDI, the new PTZ camera is able to detect and communicate with other NDI technology within IP networks and offers 20x optical zoom as well as support for PoE, 3G-SDI video, control and signaling over a single Ethernet cable. The PTC-140 NDI can be selected as a video source in programs/products such as Wirecast, OBS, VMix, NewTek Tricaster and others. In addition to compatible applications, a hardware console can also be used, e.g. the new Datavideo RMC-300A (on sale approx. end of October) supporting P/T/Z movements, focus, aperture, camera presets and advanced device settings... Also on sale are WM-1B/WM-1W installation frames compatible with Lumens and Panasonic cameras.

Datavideo PTC-140NDI