Wise CFexpress Type B PRO

Two years after releasing the CFX-B series, Wise Advanced Co., Ltd. today added a new PRO line of CFexpress Type B memory media in 160GB, 320GB and 640GB with minimum sustained writes of up to 1400 MB/s for professional creators that need peace of mind during projects. The Wise CFexpress Type B PRO memory cards are designed with improved product lifespan and sustained speed in applications that require frequent higher levels of data reading and writing. The new cards feature customized NAND commands and firmware algorithms, and optimize both endurance and performance in line with native SLC NAND. Together with the blistering minimum sustained write speed of 1300-1400 MB/s (depending on model), it's nearly impossible to drop any frames or lose any data in today's cameras that see data rates around 325 MB/s in 8K RAW 29.97p (12 bit).

Wise CFexpress Type B PRO 160GB 320GB 640GB