Vibesta Peragos Disk 30C

Looking for an interesting RGBWW LED light for your camera? Vibesta Peragos Disk 30C stands out from the popular Vibesta Peragos light tube range with its circular shape that makes it ideal for portraites, interviews, vlogging etc. Its compact size makes it very portable and doesn't get in the way when travelling - several Disks fit easily into a small backpack. Despite its small size, it delivers high performance (2000 lx@0.5 m) and thanks to the 1/4" thread you can mount it virtually anywhere, including small cameras/DSLR/DSLM. It also offers variable color temperature in the range of 2400-9900K, HSI mode for color adjustment, a library of virtual gel filters, quiet passive cooling and powering via 6x AA or NP-F batteries or using an AC adapter (10-18 V=/3A).