Tilta Nucleus Nano II

New version of the popular side focus system in stock soon Tilta Nucleus Nano (and many other Tilta products)! The updated second generation Nucleus Nano has been completely redesigned and now integrates simultaneous control of lenses, cameras (Sony, Blackmagic, Canon, etc.) and stabilizers (DJI RS 2, RS 3 Pro). The handheld unit now features a much easier to read, touchscreen display with clear display/control of lens and camera parameters, an internal battery with up to 7 hours of battery life, and an optional handle with additional joystick. The system is backwards compatible with the original Nano, Nucleus M and Tilta Mirage VND. It allows easy simultaneous control of focus, aperture and zoom lenses, as well as other compatible products, e.g. ND filter settings on the Tilta Mirage compendium; save lens profiles, etc. The stepper motor has also been improved with automatic control, up to 5x more torque than the original Nucleus Nano, a modern USB-C interface and the ability to easily chain motors (up to 4 channels).