Teradek VidiU Node II

Get exceptional internet connectivity anywhere in the world with the all-new Teradek VidiU Node II: Teradek’s high-performance LTE/4G/3G modem. Compatible with Teradek’s VidiU Go, Vidiu Node II delivers 4x faster download speeds and 3x faster upload speeds than its predecessor. And it's built for field use, housed in a rugged aluminum chassis that’s weather-resistant and durable enough to withstand regular use. Locking mechanisms allow you to attach the Node II safely to your Vidiu Go. With external high-gain antennas and the industrial-grade Cat. 12 LTE modem, Vidiu Node II gives you a robust internet connection in the most challenging broadband environments. Vidiu Node II works with virtually any SIM card, and can operate on most LTE/4G/3G data bands in the the world.