Sound Devices 8-Series v7.20, CEDAR Audio plug-ins

Sound Devices released firmware version 7.20 for 8-Series mixer-recorders and companion app SD-Remote. Firmware v7.20 supports the new SD-Remote for iPhone and the just-released four-instance and eight-instance versions of the NoiseAssist plugin for 8-Series. SD-Remote, the companion app for 8-Series mixer-recorders, allows for remote control of faders, trim, pan, transport controls, metadata, monitoring, and more. These features, combined with a simple interface, make SD-Remote perfect for any social distancing protocols on set. Previously available for iPad and Android tablets, version 7.20 brings SD-Remote to any iPhone model running iOS 12 or higher. Get it here.

Sound Devices also announced a collaboration with CEDAR Audio Ltd. that delivers CEDAR noise suppression technology to 8-Series mixer-recorders. The CEDAR sdnx plugin for 8-Series is available for purchase at in versions with 2, 4, and 8 instances of suppression that can be inserted on any combination of channels and buses selected by the user. The plugin functions at sample rates up to and including 96 kHz and has near-zero latency.


Date: 26. 01. 2021, Category: News