RED Digital Cinema announced the release of the RED DSMC2 DRAGON-X 5K S35 camera, allowing them to further simplify the RED product portfolio. In addition, they have announced the DSMC2 Production Module and DSMC2 Production Kit which are coming soon in early 2019.

The new DSMC2 DRAGON-X BRAIN is priced at 13,800 EUR and is also available as a fully-configured kit priced at 18,400 EUR.

Designed for professional shooting configurations, RED also announced the new DSMC2 Production Module. This accessory mounts directly to the DSMC2 camera body and incorporates an industry standard V-Lock mount with integrated battery mount and P-Tap for 12V accessories. It has a smaller form factor and is more lightweight than RED’s Redvolt Expander with a battery module.

The DSMC2 Production Module is available for order and is expected to ship in early 2019 for 4,350 EUR. It will also be available as a DSMC2 Production Kit that includes the DSMC2 Production Module, Production Handle, DSMC2 Production Top Plate and is available for order, expected to ship in early 2019 for 5,950 EUR.