Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 14 a Trapcode Suite 16

The manufacturer Red Giant (now part of Maxon), has launched new versions of the Magic Bullet Suite and Trapcode Suite effects kits! Magic Bullet Suite 14 is a collection of seven tools for Adobe After Effects and Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, and (excluding the Magic Bullet Denoiser III and Magic Bullet Colorista V plug-ins) also for Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, HitFilm Pro, Avid Media Composer and Magix Vegas Pro, used to implement colour correction and mimic the look of film material. The new version includes significantly enhanced Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Colorista modules with dozens of new presets, color remapping features, LUT Browser for managing LUT corrections, improved capabilities for processing HDR material, support for Tangent desks, and more. Trapcode Suite 16 for Adobe After Effects brings an upgraded Trapcode Particular particle generator with new physical models, new emitters, presets, etc. Minor changes have also been made to the Trapcode Form and Trapcode Mir plug-ins.

Magic Bullet Suite 14 - Magic Bullet Looks 5

  • Presets - The Magic Bullet Looks plug-in now offers over 100 new templates (more than 300 in total) that mimic the colorful look of popular movies and TV shows.
  • Color Management - Looks 5 includes a Color Handling tool for input and output color transformations to ensure consistent color rendition
  • Huenity is a new tool for simplifying the working color palette by creating a range of color shades.
  • Color Remap is a color corrector allowing you to map any color to another. This allows you to replicate the color appearance of other material, adjust shots based on clients' color suggestions, etc. Color locking against unwanted changes is also an interesting option
  • Channel Mixer allows to change the content of individual color channels to each other for controlled conversion of color material to black and white, removal of color veil, or for color stylization of shots
  • LUT Browser - A new LUT file browser makes it easy to import, preview and apply LUT corrections
  • Looks Preset Search - The new Preset Search function greatly simplifies the search for color presets ("Looks"), e.g. by keywords, etc
  • Tangent - A significant new feature is the support of Tangent control panels for Colorista, 4-Way Color and other modules.

Magic Bullet Suite 14 - Magic Bullet Colorista V

  • LUT Browser - New LUT file browser makes it easier to import, preview and apply LUT corrections.
  • Creating LUTs - Color corrections can now be saved to LUT files for easy sharing within a workplace, project, etc.
  • New HDR-optimized kernel - Colorista comes with a completely redesigned rendering kernel with optimizations for HDR material, including new Highlight/Shadow Region controls, an improved primary corrector, and a new Clarity feature.
  • Preset Browser - A new Preset Browser is available for quick preset browsing and application.
  • Saturation EQ - The all-new Saturation EQ offers the unique ability to adjust image saturation within "bands" of brightness and shot saturation. It allows, for example, to selectively desaturate only the light or dark parts of the image or to increase saturation in less saturated parts

Trapcode Suite 16 - Trapcode Particular 5

  • Emit from Parent System - New feature allowing emitters to emit new...emitters. This allows, for example, to create smoke from fire forming particles, etc
  • Multiple Particle Systems - You can now work with up to 16 particle systems in a single 3D scene (previously only 8). This makes it possible to create complex effects and easily share settings between emitters (turbulence, gravity, etc.).
  • Combine Air and Bounce parameters - For the first time ever, it is possible to combine Air and Bounce physics settings for more realistic simulations
  • New Physical Environments - The Physical Parameters Environment category includes external forces such as gravity, turbulence or the new wind effect (interacts with mass, size and aerodynamic parameters of particles).
  • Particle Settings - Broader options for setting particle parameters affecting their interaction with the simulation environment.
  • Fast Physics - The new Fast Physics section includes physics simulations that do not place too much load on the CPUs during rendering, such as Turbulence Field and Spherical Fields, or the new Drift parameter.
  • Particle Behavior: Swarms - New "Flocking" behavior to simulate the interaction (Attract, Separate, Align, etc.) of particles within a swarm.
  • Particle Behavior: Hunter/Prey - Setting mutual parameters within the Predator/Prey model (e.g. Evade, Pursue, FOV, etc.) between particles for high variability simulations
  • Particle Behavior .
  • Velocity Curve - The velocity of particles over their entire lifetime can now be set using the Velocity Over Life curve
  • New Presets - Particular 4 introduces over 75 new templates demonstrating fluid dynamics simulations, new particle behavior models, etc. A library of over 430 presets will make it easier to create animated titles, fireworks, firearms, explosions, smoke..
  • Import from Cinema 4D - Newly allows the use of .c4d 3D geometry as emitters

Trapcode Suite 16 - Trapcode Form and Mir

  • Import from Cinema 4D in pug-in Form - Can use .c4d 3D geometry as particles including support for animations, normals and object transformations (rotation, position, size)
  • Import from Cinema 4D in Mir pug-in - Can use .c4d 3D geometry as Mir 3D objects including support for animations, normals, texture coordinates and object transformations (rotation, position, size).