Angenieux Optimo Prime ships

On Nov. 25, 2020, the first 6-lens Silver Sets of full frame Angénieux Optimo Prime lenses left Angénieux facilities in France to join some of the most prestigious cinema rental houses worldwide: Keslow Camera, Hand Held Films, Koerner Camera, TCS (USA), Beijing Hai Yang You Chuang Television & Culture Development Co Ltd (China), Camalot (Netherlands), and Ljud & Bildmedia (Sweden).

The result of decades of proven expertise in high precision optics and mechanics, Optimo Primes finally capture the signature Angénieux look in a complete prime lens set. The series was designed to meet the growing worldwide demand from professional cinematographers for high quality full frame primes, and provide a perfect match to Angenieux’s Industry-standard Optimo Ultra 12x zooms. The six lens Silver Set includes 21mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 135mm focal lengths. The following six focal lengths, 18mm, 24mm, 32mm, 60mm,100mm and 200mm, will be delivered between now and Spring 2021.

Designed to give today’s cinematic artists the freedom to work on the largest possible canvas, Optimo Primes provide a minimum coverage of 46.5mm image circle. All focal lengths are PL mount. Engineered as smart lenses, Optimo Primes support both Cooke /i Technology and Arri LDS for metadata and feature common gear size and position across the entire 12-lens set. Each lens in the 12 piece series from 18mm to 200mm was designed to provide the best compactness and weight (ranging from 1.7 kg to 2.3 kg or 3.75 to 5.07 lbs) while offering aperture at a fast T1.8 (with the exception of the 18mm and 200mm, at T2 and T2.2 respectively).

Providing cinematographers with the freedom to create unique custom looks, each lens in the Optimo Prime series features Angénieux’s new Integrated Optical Palette (IOP) technology. The IOP lens customization system includes interchangeable internal optical elements, variable blade iris subassemblies, and rear filter design (sold separately)

Optimi Prime ships