Panasonic AU-EVA1 FW 3.0

New Features
Additional Recording Format
4K/UHD 59p/50p 420_10bit@200Mbps
4K/UHD 29p/25p/23p/24p 420_10bit@150Mbps

IP Live Control. Please refer to our Website concerning the updates about operation checked products.

Capturing function (still image [jpg] from video) is added.

While recording or playback on HLG mode, camera can convert HLG to SDR and then output it. This works on LCD/SDI/HDMI respectively. [Related menu] OUTPUT SETTINGS > SDI OUT > SDI OUT HDR > [SDR/HDR], HDMI OUT > HDMI OUT HDR > [SDR/HDR], LCD HDR > [SDR/HDR]. Assignable to USER SW (LCD/SDI/HDMI respectively). Status indication such as “HDR” or “SDR” on HOME MENU / EVA ROP.

OSD displays Focusing point. (m/ft switchable). "SDI / HDMI" and "LCD" can be set individually. [Related menu] OUTPUT SETTING > SDI/HDMI INDICATOR > FOCUS > [feet / m / OFF], OUTPUT SETTING > LCD INDICATOR > FOCUS > [feet / m / OFF].

2ch AWB MEMORY (AWB A/B switchable). [Related menu] CAMERA SETTING > WHITE > VALUE > [AWB MEMORY A / [AWB MEMORY B].

Increasing ease of use on system setting. Some functions assignable on USER SW. “SETUP FILE” list popping up on display with pressing USER SW. “VFR ON/OFF” switchable with USER SW. Selectable from SLOT 1 or SLOT 2 when loading SETUP/SCENE FILE

Canon lens “CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S” and EXTENDER can be used in combination.

SD card setting operability is improved to detect the card correctly. 1. LED lighted as soon as inserting SD card, 2. Message modified to encourage reseating SD card. CHECK CARD -> REINSERT or CHECK CARD.

Though in rare cases, some TV monitors couldn’t display the camera HDMI output. It is improved.

Audio menu configuration (CH1/CH2/STEREO/MIX) couldn’t be set to a built-in speaker output. This problem is fixed.

The TIME ZONE information on CLIP was displayed with the plus time difference even if it is the minus time difference at TIME ZONE. This problem is fixed.

Panasonic AU-EVA1 3.00