Panasonic aktualizuje PTZ kamery

Panasonic has released several FW updates for the installation cameras:

  • 1.10 for the AW-UE100 (less noise for Tilt motion when the camera is turned on, bug fixed for Crop function; here,
  • 1.57 for AW-UE4 (fixed dropouts when controlling the camera from the web app, signal dropouts when connected via USB; here,
  • EasyIP SetupTool Plus for Windows 10 v1.0.29 (new firmware update within local network, support for AW-UE4; here,
  • and PTZ Virtual USB Driver for Windows 8/10 v1.5.17 (increased stability of streaming, streaming is uninterrupted even with short-term loss of signal from the camera, even after changing the IP address of PTZ cameras; here.

Panasonic AW-UE4