Novinky z IBC 2016 - Sony (2/2)

Tohtoročné IBC 2016 v Amsterdame nebolo na novinky až také bohaté ako pomynulé ročníky, na druhú stranu však väčsina predstavených noviniek bude dostupná vo veľmi krátkom čase. Snáď tento trend budú nasledovať aj iné značky a nebudu ohlasovať novinky niekedy aj rok vopred.

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series is dedicated to new products from Sony. Among the new products, Sony introduced the SELP18110 motorized superzoom E-mount lens and the URX-P03D dual-channel wireless receiver.

Sony SELP 18-110mm F4 G OSS

Among the new products, Sony introduced a motorized superzoom E-mount lens with a beautiful 18-110mm range and F4 aperture. It's an ideal and versatile lens for cameras like the Sony PXW-FS5 or PXW-FS7

. As the lens is designed for devices with Super 35 or APS-C sized sensors, 18mm is really 18mm. This means you don't have to account for the crop factor.

The lens has integrated a new ring to make it easier to work with follow focus (side focus). It can be easily dismounted. Physically it is very similar to the 28-135 and the weight is also very similar. Expected availability is around December this year... so coming soon :)

Sony URX-P03D

The new portable receiver from SONY has two channels and also has a third microphone channel, so in total it offers three channels and two outputs. The receiver is fully compatible with the UWP-D series of wireless systems... it is a diversity receiver, but when receiving two channels at the same time, an antenna is used for the sake of preserving it. The Klsic Hot Shoe can still be used when receiving a single channel, but Sony has also introduced a new SMAD-P3D

adapter which is used to transmit the signal from two channels and also provides power to the receiver, so no additional cabling is required. The device can be powered by conventional AA batteries. With two alkaline batteries you can safely use the device for 5 hours. With Ni-MH batteries, the operating time moves up to 8 hours... but it has to be said that when you use Hot Shoe power from SONY cameras, the usage time extends considerably to several hours. Another advantage is that when the device is switched off and you are using rechargeable batteries in it, the receiver automatically, via MIshoe, or via the USB connector, charges the batteries. As for the range, in the open, in good conditions it's between 50 and 100 meters. Indoors, it very much depends on the conditions, but certainly a distance of 20-30 meters can be counted on.

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