New Products from Datavideo

New PTC-280NDI variant adds support for NewTek’s NDI|HX technology. There is no need for multiple cables and complicated setup. Single-wire concept helps you to transfer video, audio, power, tally, and control over only one Ethernet cable. Power Over Ethernet (PoE) functionality allows you transmit all the information and power over only one cable. The camera also supports NDI Virtual Input enabling to present the PTC-280NDI as the video input source to video streaming applications Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Zoom, and more.

The Datavideo AD-10 audio delay box is essential for the consistency of video and sound in live video production. The new Datavideo AD-10 audio delay box allows for precise synchronization of sound and video: the AD-10 provides a sound delay range of up to 400 ms with an easy-to-adjust knob design. A wide variety of input jacks switch between Mic/Line inputs and between condenser/dynamic mic inputs to meet various needs. In terms of output, the stereo RCA output is used for broad compatibility and can be switched between mono/stereo output. Datavideo AD-10 Audio delay box is packed with powerful features in a very compact and lightweight body, with clear LED indicators and a USB power supply. This AD-10 applies to any workflow system to make your video production process smoother.

Datavideo AD-10