Canare 12G-SDI Ultra Coax Cable L-8CUHD

Canare introduced the L-8CUHD to their family of 12G-SDI coax cables. The L-8CUHD is UL Riser Rated (CMR) and designed to carry your SMPTE 2082-1 (12G-SDI) 140+ meters. Engineered specifically for the L-8CUHD coax, they have also introduced the new BCP-D8UHD BNC connector. The BCP-D8UHD features the reliable 3-piece crimp you are familiar with and a Return Loss (RL) performance well within the SMPTE 2082-1 specification ( >15dB @12GHz ). The L-8CUHD, BCP-D8UHD, TC-2 (Crimp Tool) and TCD-8HD (Crimp Die) are all available now.

Canare Ultra Coax L-8CUHD