Grass Valley EDIUS 11!

Grass Valley unveils new EDIUS 11! The eleventh version of the popular video editor for Windows comes with a suite of tools using artificial intelligence algorithms, and is also ready to integrate third-party online and offline AI services. Included is the powerful Mync 11 content management system with tight integration into EDIUS 11, and to ensure seamless group collaboration comes the new Chorus Hub 11 Server.

New features include an updated program kernel with support for the latest PC/GPU technologies, a new intelligent filter for color correction, clip type Adjustment for simultaneous application of effects to multiple tracks, AI-based speech recognition, a dedicated audio editor also supporting automatic speech-to-text conversion, and an upgraded, powerful subtitler. The newly developed Chorus Hub 11 Server technology enables team collaboration - by connecting multiple EDIUS 11 clients, the XRE rendering engine, Mync 11 and server storage. Thanks to the supplied developer tools, it also allows to integrate AI services (automatic video and photo tagging, quality control, etc.).

Grass Valley EDIUS 11 will be available in different versions including EDIUS 11 Pro, EDIUS 11 Workgroup and the new EDIUS 11 Broadcast variant, EDU licenses and upgrades from older versions. Users who purchase EDIUS X between September 15 and October 31, 2023 will receive a free upgrade to EDIUS 11. Sales of EDIUS 11, Mync 11 and Chorus Hub 11 are scheduled to begin on October 11, 2023.