Seattle’s Fremont Studios Invests in VariCam LT 4K Camcorders for Mobile/Studio Multi-Camera Production

Fremont Studios, the largest privately owned and operated studio and event facility in the Pacific Northwest, wanted to outfit an all-new, compact 22-foot, battery-powered mobile production unit that would double as an additional control room for its studios. They invested in four VariCam LT 4K cinema camcorders with CineLive for diverse mobile and studio projects.

Offering an upgraded shading mode, as well as tally and return video management, the VariCam LT with CineLive is set up for live and “near live” multi-cam use for events, television shows, corporate productions and concerts. Full control of the cameras is facilitated by Panasonic’s AK-HRP1000 remote control panel.


 “The LT fulfills our need to utilize cinema lenses with the operation of a typical broadcast B4-mount live production camera,” said Fremont Studios’ President Scott Jonas. “We chose the LT knowing Panasonic’s experience in building well thought-out cameras and in seeing how the new 35mm VariCam line is proving itself against all the competition.”


 “Not all of our customers will be using the cameras for live broadcast,” he continued. “Historically many of our projects are switched live for timing and ISO recorded for finishing in post. The VariCam LT is designed well for that, allowing both in-camera 4K recording and 3G progressive capture in the mobile unit.”


 Shortly after taking delivery, Fremont Studios deployed the VariCam LTs for an eSports broadcast of the World Championship Xbox Forza Race. “Early in that two-day live event, an event producer told me they were seeing hits upwards of 8,000,000 worldwide,” Jonas said.

Panasonic VariCam LT