Blackmagic Cintel 2.2 & Desktop Video 10.11.1

New software updates for Blackmagic Cintel film scanners add support for the new Cintel Film Scanner 2 and HDR gates, as well as adding support for Linux OS, and improved horizontal and vertical stabilization.

What's new in Cintel 2.2

  • Adds support for the Cintel Film Scanner 2
  • Adds support for Linux
  • Adds support for High Dynamic Range gates
  • Fixes text in perforation area interfering with vertical stabilization
  • Improves horizontal stabilization preventing jumping
  • Fixes potential for duplicate KeyKodes in‭ 16mm
  • Fixes potential corrupt image/crash during‭ "Calibrate"
  • General performance and stability improvements

Blackmagic Cintel Scanner 2