Feelworld FT6/FR6 -25 %!

Get the Feelworld FT6+FR6 wireless monitoring kit at a significant discount. Offer is time-limited and while supplies last. Combining a wireless video transmission and high-quality HD monitor, the FEELWORLD FT6/FR6 wireless monitors create ultra-light, cable-free monitoring kit that gives you complete mobility on set. Using 2x 2dBi antenna technology and H.264 encoding and decoding technology for professional image processing, clearer image, range up to 250 m and lower latency (0.007s). The FR6 can receive uncompressed HD wireless signals from the FT6 transmitter. Although built-in wireless image transmission, the FT6 and FR6 maintain a slim shape: 5.5 inches small size and only 370g weight, which is the ideal for on-site mobile shooting.