Datavideo dvPrompter Plus

Manufacturer Datavideo has launched a brand new mobile app for its reading devices, dvPrompter Plus for iOS and Android! It is a completely redesigned version with a number of new features and a clearer user interface. The basic version is still offered for free, additional features (especially remote network access including the ability to edit text using a web browser) are available for an additional $9.99 (directly in the app).

The new integrated text editor allows changing the color and font of text or inserting images/videos, which is convenient for e.g. shows with multiple presenters. The app can also be controlled remotely with the WR-500 - the buttons on the remote can be assigned to any function of the dvPrompter Plus app.

New features of the basic version

  • - Much improved text editor (allows changing font, font color, etc., as well as inserting still images or videos)
  • - Clearer GUI
  • - Improved HDMI output including Airplay and Miracast support
  • - Multi-language support
  • - Stopwatch function

Additional studio features for an additional $9.99 (will also be available in the upcoming TP-800 product):

  • - Ability to create, manage and edit unlimited text within a local network
  • - Control the reading device using any computer on your local network equipped with an HTML5-enabled web browser
  • - Support for playlists
  • - Slave mode to view a single text on multiple reading devices within the local network

The Datavideo dvPrompter Plus requires iOS 11 and, in conjunction with the WR-500, supports virtually any iPad from iPad Air 2 upwards, as well as newer Android tablets.Datavideo dvPrompter Plus is available on the App Store and Google Play.