Chaos Group V-Ray 5 pro 3ds Max

Thefifth version of the popular rendering plug-in for 3ds Max includes, among other things, Layer Compositing and Light Mix technologies in the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB) section. Light Mix allows you to set light parameters interactively, without the need for rendering: you are allowed to change the color and intensity of any light source! Layer Compositor is then used to quickly post-produce shots in the VFB panel in a non-destructive way, without the help of external applications.

V-Ray 5 also implements seven new material-related features including a new material management system and over 500 material presets - from metals, plastics and glass to common hair colors. Also new are randomization functions for quick and easy material modification. For repetitive textures, Stochastic Texture Tiling can now be used to reduce repetitive artifacts.