Boris FX will preview 2020 releases of VFX plug-ins at IBC

Attending of IBC in Amsterdam will receive an exclusive sneak peek at Boris FX’s upcoming 2020 releases of award-winning VFX plug-ins Sapphire, Continuum, and Mocha Pro. The 2020 versions will be available later this year with support for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid, and OFX hosts including Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, Foundry, and VEGAS Pro. The 2020 releases add OpenColorIO (OCIO) support for Sapphire and Mocha Pro with Continuum to follow suit. The long-requested feature gives customers the ability to maintain a proper color pipeline when using Boris FX plug-ins, eliminating common third party plug-in color issues.

Sapphire 2020’s high-end suite of VFX plug-ins adds eagerly-anticipated OCIO support to the full lineup of over 270 effects; parameter-driven tracking powered by Mocha on many effects including its renowned lens flares; a trendy lens whacking effect (S_FreeLens) that mimics shooting through a detached camera lens in order to produce gorgeous lens flares, light leaks, and tilt-shift focus effects; a seamless zoom transition that warps through one image into another (S_WhipPush); and professionally-designed presets (S_LensFlare).

Continuum 2020’s comprehensive toolset adds four effects and over twelve transitions featuring 50 professionally-designed presets. New effects include projecting the appearance of an image reflecting on a highly-polished surface (BCC_ReflectImage); throwing a shadow behind or in front of an object (BCC_CastShadow); simplified screen/billboard/device insert workflows powered by Mocha (BCC_CornerPin); warping a source into a curly-cue (BCC_Curl). Continuum also adds the ability to distort/undistort footage for paint or other touch-up effects (BCC_PowerPin) and new on-screen controls for BCC_Remover and BCC_Vignette effects.

Particle Illusion, previously only available as part of Continuum 2019 and the Particles Unit, is now offered as a standalone application. The addition of a standalone version makes Particle Illusion the most versatile real-time particle generator on the market.

Boris FX Sapphire 2020