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22. February 2021

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD is a complete solution for streaming H.264 video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. The new Web Presenter HD variant features a 12G-SDI input with resolution conversion and allows streaming directly from HD or Ultra HD equipment at full 1080p resolution. It also offers an integrated front panel with LCD display, USB webcam functionality, and a unique monitoring output with audio meters, stream status and SDI data information.

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter HD

Blackmagic Web Presenter is a hardware streaming solution with an Ethernet network interface for live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. It is the successor to TV broadcasters for the modern internet age audience! In addition, it offers a USB interface allowing it to be used in webcam mode with any streaming application including Skype or Zoom communication platforms. Streaming can be done via Ethernet interface or with 5G and 4G mobile phones. The Web Presenter also features a monitoring output displaying video, audio meters, and a variety of information about SDI data, etc.

Blackmagic Web Presenter supports all common streaming platforms; its hardware has been designed for professional, broadcast-quality streaming with no dropped frames. Setting up the device is simplicity itself: just connect it to the Internet and use the Web Presenter Utility to select the target platform and update the streaming key. It therefore does not require an additional computer or complicated streaming software to operate. Once connected to an SDI video source - such as a director or camera - it connects to the Internet directly, via the built-in network port or mobile phone data connection. Simultaneously, a USB output can also be used in webcam mode.

For streaming from locations outside the studio, a backup of the main Ethernet connection can be used in the form of a 4G/5G mobile data connection for iOS or Android phones. USB ports on the front and rear panel are used for this purpose: Blackmagic Web Presenter automatically detects the mobile connection and can use it for main streaming or as an automatic backup for the Ethernet connection. This setting is entirely up to the user.

For maximum compatibility, the Blackmagic Web Presenter is equipped with a pair of USB ports allowing streaming 1080 HD video in webcam mode. It can therefore be connected to virtually any computer and use any software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster and many more.

Traditional broadcasters are a critical part of any TV station, but streaming servers are now just as important a link in the production chain. That's why Blackmagic Web Presenter is equipped with a monitoring output that displays audio levels, bitrate, current stream settings or SDI data information. The 1080 HD monitoring output is present on both SDI and HDMI interfaces and can therefore be used, for example, in conjunction with an SDI router (for multi-unit monitoring) as well as a conventional HDMI TV. The supplied Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software for macOS and Windows is used to set up multiple Web Presenter devices as well as to update the firmware. USB and Ethernet interfaces provide connectivity to computers, and the front-facing LCD display can also be used to set up devices.

With a 12G-SDI input, the Blackmagic Web Presenter supports all HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. There is also a 12G-SDI output for daisy chaining multiple Web Preseners and easy streaming to multiple platforms. The product uses Teranex technology to convert HD or Ultra HD video to 1080p HD format, which is further processed by a hardware H.264 encoder. In addition to streaming, Blackmagic Web Presenter can also be used as a private, global SDI connection between sites: the optional ATEM Streaming Bridge product converts the H.264 stream back to SDI!

The redundancy of functions ensures high operational reliability of the device: in addition to the ability to stream via Ethernet interface and mobile connection, this includes power inputs for both AC and DC. This makes it possible to power it not only from the mains but also with batteries.

The Blackmagic Web Presenter product is based on the modular Teranex Mini series. With a width of only 5.5" it is very easy to carry, and can just as easily be installed in an optional rack that can accommodate up to three devices, or additional products such as the ATEM Television Studio HD!

Main features of the Blackmagic Web Presenter HD

  • Complete streaming solution for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms
  • Streaming via Etheret or 4G/5G phones connected to a USB interface
  • Hardware H.264 encoder
  • USB output in webcam mode for maximum compatibility
  • Monitoring output incl. display of audio levels, bitrate and SDI metadata
  • Web Presenter Utility configuration software for macOS and Windows
  • 12G-SDI input with resolution conversion supporting both HD and Ultra HD technology
  • AC and DC power inputs

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