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22. February 2021

The ATEM Mini Extreme is the largest model in the ATEM Mini line of compact overheads from Blackmagic Design, represented on the Czech and Slovak markets by Syntex. It is the most powerful single-effects bus overhead in the Blackmagic Design range: it offers 8 inputs, 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyer modules, 6 DVE effects, 2 media players, 2 downstream keys, 16-segment multi-view display, 2 USB interfaces and several HDMI outputs. In addition, the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO variant offers the ability to record 9 tracks, i.e. all 8 inputs and outputs of a show. Both models are equipped with features for streaming shows to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme a ATEM Mini Extreme ISO

The ATEM Mini overheads make it easy to create live shows for e.g. YouTube as well as professional corporate presentations using Skype or Zoom, via multiple camera inputs or the ability to incorporate the output of a game console or computer into the show, e.g. a PowerPoint presentation. Integrated effects functions allow you to create blending effects or picture-in-picture shots, for creating continuously annotated videos, etc.

All models of the ATEM Mini series have a USB interface operating in webcam mode for streaming output and an HDMI output suitable for previewing on TVs and projectors, for example. The ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models also allow the use of the USB interface for recording to USB drives. The microphone inputs then allow the connection of microphones for recording interviews and presentation comments.

ATEM Mini directories feature an integrated, compact console with buttons for selecting inputs, and effects. The ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models also offer buttons for controlling recording and streaming, and switching output between camera outputs and Program and Multiview modes. The rear panel hosts HDMI inputs for cameras or other video sources, microphone inputs, USB interface, and HDMI ("Aux") outputs.

The ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme models add a hardware encoder for live streaming of shows via an Ethernet interface. This allows streaming to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch, in high quality, without the risk of dropped frames and with a simpler configuration. The ATEM Software Control application offers a number of functions for setting up the stream; a preview of the broadcast status is also displayed on the multi-view output including the bitrate. Advanced users and studio engineers can edit streaming profiles in an XML file that contains complete device settings.

For easier streaming from locations outside the studio, ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models support internet connectivity via 4G and 5G mobile phones (with iOS and Android) and USB interfaces. This feature can also be used to create a backup connection to the Ethernet interface for increased operational reliability. Once connected, the phone is also powered from the USB interface.

The ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme variants also support direct recording of streaming video to USB drives. This allows long recordings - in the same H.264 format with AAC audio as the streaming - as well as subsequent upload to other online video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Overheads support endless sequential recording to multiple drives connected e.g. via a USB hub or Blackmagic MultiDock product. Recording settings and disc selection can be made using ATEM Software Control; multi-view output shows the recording status.

The ATEM Mini Pro ISO and Extreme ISO versions allow subsequent post-production of live shows by simultaneously recording multiple tracks of video, i.e. all unedited input and output of the show including metadata and timecode. Used still images are also stored along with the videos. Users can thus easily edit an already aired programme with colour corrections, effects and new graphics. The audio side of the show is recorded as well, for subsequent audio post-production.

The ISO models are also able to save the project in DaVinci Resolve format, so it can be subsequently opened with a single mouse click! The project file preserves all edits, blending effects and still images. This makes it easy to edit edit tracks or replace them entirely using DaVinci Resolve's Sync Bin feature for multi-camera editing. For Ultra HD project transformation and maximum quality color correction, recorded tracks can be replaced with the original Blackmagic RAW videos from the cameras.

Two independent stereo audio inputs with 3.5mm jack connectors allow the use of lapel microphones for broadcast interviews and debates, for example. The audio core of the ATEM Mini is based on Fairlight's audio technology for high-quality and stable mixing of all audio sources (HDMI, microphone inputs) in real time. ATEM Mini Extreme variants offer an additional headphone output.

Each of the HDMI inputs is fully synchronized and automatically converts 1080p, 1080i and 720p signals to the current overhead resolution. In Program/Preview operating mode, the HDMI output can preview the output from the cameras or the program being created, ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme models offer an additional multi-view output.

The free ATEM Software Control app unlocks the hidden power of ATEM Mini overheads! It allows you to fully configure all overhead functions via USB or Ethernet; the network interface also allows multiple users to connect. The integrated media library can be used to import up to 20 static RGBA images from ATEM Software Control for logos, titles or splash screens, or graphics can be imported from Photoshop with the included plug-in. In addition, overhead settings can be saved to XML files, or remote control of HyperDeck disk recorders over the Ethernet interface.

ATEM Mini Extreme models offer four keying effects in chroma mode for easy creation of spectacular virtual studios with up to four cameras. With eight inputs, four cameras plus an equal number of generated backgrounds from the virtual studio system can be connected. Alternatively, static camera positions can be created and still images from internal libraries and media players can be used as backgrounds. Of course, it is possible to create macros to change cameras and upload correct backgrounds to media libraries. Another option is to use the DeckLink Quad HDMI product and software to generate real-time virtual studios.

In addition to the two independent DVE effects on the ATEM Mini Extreme models, there is also a very powerful SuperSource compositing processor with four more DVE layers and an additional layer for backgrounds. Any of the ATEM Mini Extreme's overhead inputs can be used as a source for individual DVE layers, which are then combined with a background selected from the media library. The SuperSource tool is ideal for picture-in-picture compositions with multiple presenters and guests while retaining two DVE effects for additional graphics.

For more complex productions with a larger number of cameras, it is necessary to monitor all the outputs from the cameras and other video sources together, on a single monitor. The ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme models offer professional multi-view output for previewing all video inputs and Program and Preview views on a monitor or HDMI TV. Each of the camera previews also displays title, audio meters and a tally indicator. The multi-view preview also displays the media player, recording and streaming status, and the Fairlight virtual mixing console.

The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a dedicated converter of H.264 video streams from ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme overheads to SDI and HDMI interfaces. This facilitates video transmission within local networks or globally over the Internet. The H.264 video codec used guarantees high image quality at low bitrate. The ATEM Streaming Bridge therefore allows you to create a branched network of studios equipped with ATEM Mini Pro and Extreme and thus collaborate with e.g. bloggers or local news organizations. ATEM Software takes care of creating a configuration file that users can email to individual studios.

Main features of ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO

  • Miniature overhead with integrated control panel
  • 8 inputs for connecting cameras and other equipment
  • Streaming via Ethernet or mobile connection
  • Supports 4G and 5G phone data connectivity
  • Record H.264 video to USB drives
  • Two stereo audio inputs for connecting microphones, etc.
  • Automatic standards conversion and synchronization for all inputs
  • Free ATEM Software Control app for macOS and Windows
  • Internal media library for 20 static RGBA images
  • 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyer effects
  • 2 independent DVE effects and SuperSource effect with 4 additional DVE layers
  • 16-segment multiview preview

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