DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4.4, Blackmagic RAW 2.3 updates

New DaVinci Resolve software update adds support Blackmagic RAW 2.3, security improvements when working with Dropbox and YouTube and better processing speeds for clips with Fusion effects. In addition, DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4.4 adds support for hardware accelerated VP9 decodes and support for encoding Main10 H.265 on Apple silicon models. Blackmagic RAW 2.3 improves Blackmagic RAW recording from Sigma fp and fp L cameras to Video Assist 12G HDR models (also requires Blackmagic Video Assist 3.5.2 FW), adds sample code project for a command line OpenEXR transcoder, and enhances Premiere Pro plug-in performance and stability.