Cages Accessories for the camera: Sony ZV-E10

The cage is a basic accessory that allows you to attach other parts to the camera such as Magic Arm quick release arms for mounting accessories (e.g. monitors), compendia, shoulder rests of all kinds and more right down to the last screw. A wide range of brands such as SmallRig, Wooden Camera, Shape or LanParte! The camera gets extra protection.

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SmallRig Cage with Grip for Sony ZV-E10 3538

In stock 3 pcs
without VAT 43.25 € 52.33 €

SmallRig Cage for Sony ZV-E10 3531

In stock > 5 pcs
without VAT 34.08 € 41.24 €

SmallRig L-Shape Grip for Sony ZV-E10 3706

In stock 3 pcs
without VAT 35.75 € 43.26 €

SmallRig Leather Half Case for Sony ZV-E10 3527

In stock > 5 pcs
without VAT 29.92 € 36.2 €

SmallRig Extension Grip for Sony ZV-E10 (Black) 3523

In stock 4 pcs
without VAT 25.75 € 31.16 €