K&F Concept KF M13115 New Design High Precision Lens Adapter Mount, FD-FX

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Product description

Product description

The Adapter ring boasts high-quality copper-aluminum alloy precision, ensuring smooth and durable bayonet lens performance. With a distinctive red dot logo for precise alignment, the connection ring and bayonet combine tightly for optimal body and lens protection. Offering full manual control, it enables manual exposure and infinite focus, while its exclusive square design aligns seamlessly with Sony mirrorless aesthetics, providing stability, slip resistance, and enhanced safety.

  • * 1. High-quality copper-aluminum alloy precision workmanship, the bayonet lens is smooth, the refined copper bayonet will not wear the lens, it is durable, and the disassembly and assembly are comfortable and smooth;
  • * 2. Red dot logo, precise alignment, easy to install and disassemble
  • * 3. The connection ring and the bayonet are tightly and smoothly combined, and there is no looseness, which achieves the best protection for the body and the lens
  • * 4. Full manual control, can achieve manual exposure with the body, infinite focus;
  • * 5. Exclusively designed appearance, the square appearance conforms to the Sony mirrorless style, in terms of safety, the camera/lens form a straight line, which is stable, not easy to slip, and safer.


Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Adapters