K&F Concept CPL Filter, HD, Anti-Reflection Green Coating, Waterproof and Scratch Resistant on One S

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Product description

Product description

The CPL filter from K&F Concept is designed specifically for the Insta360 GO 3 action camera, featuring high-quality AGC optical glass for crystal-clear footage. With advanced 28-layer multi-coated glass and polarization adjustments, it enhances color saturation, reduces reflections, and ensures optimal image quality, delivering vivid and captivating scenic images. The filter is crafted with nanometer coatings for waterproof and scratch-resistant protection, maintaining a high transmittance of over 99.5%, and its ultra-thin frame design prevents vignetting.

  • * 【Compatible】Specially designed for the latest Insta360 GO 3 action camera.
  • * 【High-Quality AGC Optical Glass】 Crystal Clear Footage and Secure Fit - Imported Glass for Superior Performance - Compatible with Insta360 GO 3.
  • * 【Vivid Color and Contrast】CPL (Circular Polarizer) filter eliminates reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water and glass, enhancing color saturation and contrast for vibrant and captivating scenic images, Crafted to Deliver Deep, Rich Colors and Striking Image Clarity.
  • * 【Advanced 28-Layer Multi-Coated Glass】Nanometer Coatings for Waterproof and Scratch-Resistant Protection, High Transmittance of over 99.5% for Optimal Image Quality, Ultra-Thin Frame Design to Prevent Vignetting - Compatible with Insta360 GO 30.
  • * 【Polarization Position】Pre-aligned horizontal & vertical polarization position. You can align the white mark on the ring when the camera is in the horizontal position or when the two white marks are the farthest distance when the camera is in the vertical position, that's the best-prolonged polarization position.


Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Filters