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The Sony SMAD-P3D is an adapter that allows you to wirelessly connect and power the
71.34 €
To be sent 2 pcs

Sony AD-KIT88B

Accessory Kit for ECM-90 & ECM-88, 2x mic holder (Double-Pin and Clip) 6x wind
251.39 €
on request

Sony AD-KIT77

Accessory Kit for ECM-77, 2x mic holder (Double-Pin and Clip) 6x wind screen (red,
213.92 €
on request

Sony WD-850A

  • Free transport
UHF antenna splitter for DWX digital wireless system. It provides different outputs
2 900.48 €
on request

Sony RMU-01

Remote control for DWX digital wireless microphone system.
942.65 €
on request

Sony AN-01

Directional UHF antenna for DWX series digital wireless microphones.
604.26 €
on request

Sony SMAD-P5

The SMAD-P5 Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) Adapter allows wireless connection of
41.1 €
on request

Sony SMAD-P4

Adapter for attaching the URX-P40 audio receiver to the accessory socket.
19.37 €
on request

Sony SMAD-P2

Adapter for attaching the URX-P03 or URX-P03D audio receiver to the accessory so
19.37 €
on request