WiFi Tally advanced

Tally Light for camcorders or cameras fully compatible with all Blackmagicdesign Atem switchers.

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Product description

Product description

Tally Light for camcorders or cameras fully compatible with all Blackmagicdesign Atem switchers.

This minimalist model WiFi Tally light micro is more suitable for smaller productions due to its size and weight. 

- compared to the micro version, it also includes a signaling diode for the moderator, which can be switched off if necessary (unwanted at a concert, etc.)
- is fully compatible with the basic version and can be combined in the wiring 

The WiFi Tally is fully compatible with any Atem video overhead from Blackmagic design. It supports all current models and is also fully compatible with models that are no longer available (ATEM Television studio, etc.).

It is a stand-alone device and does not require any additional control unitor running control handler/server to function properly.

The WiFi Tally light micro contains two LED lights. This one is blue in colour to indicate the connection status or loss of signal. The second LED informs the camera operator (cameraman) of the status of his overhead shot. If the main LED is green, the shot is in preparation for broadcast and if the LED is red, his shot is going to broadcast. This is colour matched to the usual design of all video overheads preview/green and program/red.

The device is powered from a power bank (not included) or other 5V power source with a usb-a connector. The WiFi Tally micro has a very low power consumption, a normal power bank can power it in the range of 4-6 hours.

Contents of the package:

  • WiFi Tally light
  • camera mounting strap
  • user manual


Manufacturer: PUTSKO
Category: Intercom/Tally

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