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Edelkrone is a brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative camera accessories and support systems for professional photographers and videographers. The company was founded in 2008 by Kadir Koymen, a Turkish engineer who was passionate about photography and wanted to create equipment that would help photographers capture better images.
Edelkrone products are known for their high quality and innovative features, and the brand has won numerous awards for its designs. Some of the most popular Edelkrone products include sliders, dollies, and stabilizers, which are designed to help photographers and videographers capture smooth and stable footage.

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EdelKrone PRO Fit Module for SliderPLUS

  • -10 %
The SliderPLUS PRO has a hand-turned wheel on its bottom, allowing for easy attachment
51.7 €
In stock > 5 pcs

EdelKrone Vertical Module v1 (for SliderPLUS PRO v5)

  • -10 %
Spring-powered mechanism that assists in carrying your SliderPLUS PRO setup, allowing
498.54 €
In stock > 5 pcs

EdelKrone Steady Module v1 (for All SliderPLUS / PRO)

  • -10 %
Enhance SliderPLUS Performance with the Steady Module: Achieve ultra-stable, silky
198.82 €
In stock > 5 pcs

EdelKrone Motor Module v3 (for All SliderPLUS / PRO)

  • -10 %
Transform your SliderPLUS into a professional motion control system
598.45 €
Backordered > 5 pcs

EdelKrone Tilt Module v4 (for all HeadONE)

  • -10 %
  • New
HeadONE has the ability to transform into a 2-axis pan-tilt camera head.
138.87 €
Backordered 1 pcs