Samyang AF 135mm F1.8 FE (Full Frame) (Sony FE)

Autofocus, full frame, fast aperture, telephoto lens for Sony FE Mount.

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Product description

Product description

Autofocus, full frame, fast aperture, telephoto lens for Sony FE Mount.

Superb Resolution
Unsparing application of Samyang's most advanced optical technologies has produced a large-aperture prime telephoto lens that delivers outstanding corner-to-corner resolution. The AF 135mm F1.8 FE delivers an 18.9° angle of view for full-frame and 12.5° for APS-C. It features a bright maximum aperture of F1.8, as favoured by full-frame camera users. In particular, optimum resolution is achieved through the optical design of 13 elements in 11 groups (1 U-ASP, 2 HR and 3 ED). Combined with Sony's full-frame image sensor, this lens delivers superior sharpness and contrast in all areas of the image.

Able to deliver extremely narrow depth of field, with beautiful bokeh
The AF 135mm F1.8 FE uses a large-diameter aperture to provide smooth background blur. It effectively allows separation of the subject from the background, by using a shallow depth of field. Also, it is equipped with a UA (Ultra-precision Aspherical) lens, which delivers natural and refined bokeh. Using this smooth bokeh, you can freely create images highlighting your subjects against stunning backgrounds, whether shooting portraits, close-ups or even cityscapes.

Fast and quiet auto focus performance
Tracking the subject accurately and quickly, the AF also operates quietly and smoothly when shooting video. Samyang's Linear STM (Stepping Motor) satisfies both photographers and videographers with quieter and more accurate control of the focusing lens groups.
Enhanced operability and reliability

Important features include customisable: Focus Hold button, Custom Switch and Focus Range Limiter. Overall, this is a lens that meets and exceeds professional requirement for control and reliability, for both stills and movies.

Focus Hold Button
Pressing this button on the lens will keep the lens locked to that focusing distance. You can assign functions such as Eye AF in settings on the camera body.
Custom Switch
There is a custom switch, which can be set to allow adjustment of the aperture silently by rotating the focus ring. Using the optional Lens Station, you can set up the mode to suit your own preference*. (*More functions will be added through firmware updates in the future)
Focus Range Limiter switch
The Focus Range Limiter only operates in AF mode, but can be useful to speed up focusing once the distance from an object has been determined:
Focus Range Limiter is moved forward or backward to select the focus range as follows:
FULL: The AF range is set between infinity and the minimum focus distance of 0.69m.
0.69m - 2m: The AF range is set between 0.69m and 2m, suitable for close-up shooting.
1.5m - Infinity: The AF range is set from 1.5m to infinity, which is suitable for normal shooting.

Short minimum focal distance of 0.69m
Although this is a 135mm telephoto, Samyang has managed to effectively control aberration at all focusing distances. It has also achieved a minimum focus distance of just 69cm (2.26ft) and a maximum magnification of 0.243x for close-up photography. Small accessories and other subjects can be captured with remarkable resolution and beautiful, soft background bokeh.

Modern design and weather-sealing
The AF 135mm F1.8 FE has been developed and enhanced, taking into consideration not only the design features but also the user's shooting environment. It has a micro-patterned rubber focus ring, which feels great to operate and the weather-sealing protects the lens from light rain, snow and dust.

Autofocus, full frame, fast aperture, telephoto lens – Sony FE Mount
Fast, Autofocus evolution of Samyang’s popular MF 135mm F2 lens
Full-frame coverage, optimised for use on Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras
Prime lens with superb resolution
Narrow depth of field and beautiful bokeh
Compact length (129.6mm) & Lightweight (772g)
Fast and Quiet AF performance (Real-time Tracking / Seamless Cinematic Control)
Excellent chromatic aberration (CA) control with 3 ED lenses.
Enhanced usability with custom switch (also features Astro-Focus Mode)
Close minimum focus distance of 69cm
New modern design & Weather-Sealing

Closest Focusing Distance: 0.69m
Diagonal Angle of View: 18.9° (full-frame) / 12.5° (APS-C)
Dimensions: 129.6mm
Filter Size: 82mm
Lens Construction: 13 elements in 11 groups
Lens Type: Fast aperture, autofocus, telephoto
Maximum Aperture: F1.8
Minimum Aperture: F22
Mount Type: Sony FE
No. Diaphragm Blades: 11
Sensor Coverage: Full-Frame 36x24mm
Weather Proof: Yes
Weight: 772g (without lens cap or hood)



Manufacturer: Samyang
Category: Lenses

Main parameters

Lens suitable forFull frame
Lens suitable forAPS-C
Aperture (f)1.8
Focal length135mm
Auto focusYes

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