Roland V-80HD Direct Streaming HD Video Switcher

The compact and powerful V-80HD overhead covers the needs of professional video production for cultural and sporting event clearance, live broadcast, studio production and other applications. The all-in-one design makes it easy to transport and set up, while the flexible interface offering includes 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0 and LAN (RTMP/SRT). The V-80HD also…

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Product description

Product description

The compact and powerful V-80HD overhead covers the needs of professional video production for cultural and sporting event clearance, live broadcast, studio production and other applications. The all-in-one design makes it easy to transport and set up, while the flexible interface offering includes 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB 3.0 and LAN (RTMP/SRT). The V-80HD also includes a multi-channel audio console and effects, integrated control for PTZ cameras and remote control with video monitoring. And with the accompanying Graphics Presenter software, you can easily enhance your production with impressive subtitles, motion graphics, etc. On sale 9/2024.

  • Overhead with live video streaming
  • Professional eight-channel overhead with a compact footprint and comprehensive feature set
  • Supports a variety of applications including event check-in, conferencing, web streaming and studio production
  • Four 3G-SDI inputs with frame rate converters
  • Four 1080p HDMI inputs, including two 4K pass-through inputs with HD conversion
  • Seven total outputs include SDI, HDMI, USB-C streaming and LAN (RTMP/SRT)
  • Two-3G SDI and three HDMI outputs plus 10 assignable buses
  • 28-channel digital audio mix and three output buses with effects
  • Five-layer video effects graphics engine, including two PiPs and a DSK
  • Easily create stunning subtitles and motion graphics with the companion Graphics Presenter software for Windows
  • Store 32 still images including screen capture or import BMP, JPEG and PNG including alpha channel into independent memory
  • Powerful live production automation with sequences, macros and scene presets
  • Integrated PTZ camera control with multi-vendor and protocol support
  • Eight assignable pads to control up to 64 functions
  • Extensive device control via Bluetooth, USB, RS-232 and LAN
  • Support for (wireless/wireless) signaling
  • Remote control software available for iPad, macOS and Windows

More video inputs
The V-80HD offers versatile input connectivity with HDMI for common A/V devices and SDI for long cable and high-end cameras. A total of eight channels are available, allowing seamless switching for up to four HDMI and four SDI input sources. Two 4K HDMI inputs feature downscalers and the ability to send parallel connections to game consoles at eSports events. In addition, the SRT input can be cross-buttoned together with the SDI and HDMI input.

Versatile video outputs and flexible routing
With its multiple assignable outputs - including two SDI and three HDMI video outputs, USB-C streaming output and LAN (RTMP/SRT) - the V-80HD offers you a superior video matrix. Each output can be assigned to 10 buses, allowing you to power program displays, auxiliary monitors, multi-view producer displays and online audiences all at once.

Powerful video effects engine
The V-80HD is packed with tools to elevate presentations with impressive video effects and graphics. The integrated effects engine features five layers of compositing that include a split-screen effect, two PinP windows with key compositing, and one DSK with fill/key compositing support. It's easy to create common layouts such as a business presentation with an individual speaker, image slides, and a background title. PinP and DSK layers can be managed individually on the program, subroutine and two Aux outputs, providing flexibility for any production need.

Easy professional graphics
Graphics Presenter software for Windows allows you to create stunning titles and graphics without the need for expensive third-party graphic presentation solutions. Setup with the V-80HD is fast and straightforward, requiring only a single HDMI connection to send fill and key signals from the computer to the switcher. Graphics Presenter offers an intuitive workflow with a wide selection of ready-to-edit templates, including animated title text, sports scores, motion graphics and more. The software and templates are available for free, and additional content is regularly provided for download on the Roland Cloud.

Plug-and-Play streaming
The V-80HD uses the same connectivity technology as webcams to provide a plug-and-play streaming experience. Simply connect the USB-C output to a computer or smartphone and start streaming using the Zoom app, Microsoft Teams or any platform that can use a webcam as a source. LAN connectivity is also supported, allowing you to stream directly to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch or any RTMP platform without a computer.

Secure AV streaming with SRT
The V-80HD supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), an open-source standard for AVoIP that provides secure encrypted transmission of audio and video over IP networks. It also offers connectivity for the future within installed system configurations. SRT allows you to seamlessly extend your V-80HD production capabilities over a LAN or Internet connection. Access and switch camera images from remote locations along with local HDMI and SDI sources. And send dedicated SRT video output to an external destination, such as another building on the production site.

Record to an SDXC card
With the V-80HD's integrated recorder, you can easily capture an event to an SDXC card and provide your client with an H.264 MP4 video file (the recording bit rate is the same as the live encoding bit rate.) for editing and distribution purposes. stereo WAV audio can also be recorded independently for podcasts and other audio driven media. It is even possible to capture still frames to internal memory from any video output bus and store them on a card for later use.

PTZ camera support
Robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras greatly expand production capabilities and offer extended coverage with studio-quality broadcast quality. And thanks to their small size, they can be placed in discreet locations where larger cameras are not practical. The V-80HD includes built-in control support for select PTZ LAN cameras from Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Sony, PTZOptics, Avonic and VISCA compatible. Combine different brands and control up to 8 PTZ cameras simultaneously. The V-80HD Remote iPad app is the ideal companion for PTZ control, providing remote camera control and video monitoring from your tablet.

Fast workflow with scenes and macros
Saving and recalling custom looks can be accomplished with a few button presses on the V-80HD. 32 scene memories and a powerful effects engine work together to ensure seamless scene changes, including synchronizing the transition of all layers of the composition on the program output. 100 macros go even deeper, allowing you to create and run complex action lists that include switching, DSK on/off, audio mixing adjustments, PTZ camera movements and much more. Our free remote control software for macOS, Windows and iPad further enhances this workflow and provides a great graphical interface for setting up and previewing actions before you run them.

Sequential Magic
The V-80HD sequencer makes scenes and macros even more powerful, allowing a single operator to easily execute perfectly timed cues. You can record up to 1,000 steps, and each step can include scenes and macros. Streamline your production by pre-setting cues in the sequence list and running them in order using the Next button on the panel.

Professional audio mixing and effects
The V-80HD offers 28 channels of audio mixing plus a wide selection of processing tools, I/O routing options and automation features. Enhance your sounds with ready-to-use effects, including high-quality vocal processing and a useful Loudness Gain function for managing levels during streaming. With an integrated audio player, it's easy to integrate dedicated music and sound effects into any production. Three output buses are available, ready to support complex routing needs for event streaming and studio recording configurations.

Customizable control pads
Eight user-assignable pads give you quick control of the V-80HD's many features. The pads are organized into eight banks, providing direct access to 64 different operations. Recall scenes, macros and sequencer steps, trigger audio and video clips, start/stop streams and more. It's even possible to control functions in the Graphics Presenter software when the host computer is connected to the V-80HD via USB.

Remote control options
The V-80HD supports enhanced workflows with dedicated software applications and a variety of remote devices.

  • The free V-80HD Remote app for iPad supports wireless connectivity, allowing you to control features at events via a portable touch interface.
  • Use the free V-80HD Remote software to control the switcher from a large display on a Mac or Windows computer.
  • Connect a USB numeric keypad to control video transitions and other functions.
  • Connect footswitches or expression pedals to perform over 100 different switch commands.
  • Run start/stop on select third-party recorders via HDMI.
  • Seamlessly integrate with system installations using RS-232 and TALLY/GPIO D-Sub connectors.

V-80HD iPad remote control tool
The dedicated V-80HD Remote app turns the iPad into an efficient touch interface for the V-80HD with versatile connectivity via USB, Bluetooth or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi). Trigger basic switching functions, mix audio with virtual faders, quickly change settings and parameters, and create scenes for quick and efficient setup changes. It's also possible to watch video and control switching functions from the app using the latest iPad models (requires iPad Pro 3rd generation / iPad Air 5th generation or later with USB-C (USB 3.0) and iPadOS 17 or later) and USB connectivity. Program, Aux, PinP and DSK can be monitored and switched.

V-80HD RCS for macOS and Windows
With the V-80HD RCS app for macOS and Windows, you can control almost all V-80HD functions remotely from your computer via USB, RS-232, wired LAN or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connections. The V-80HD RCS can run concurrently with your streaming software via USB, allowing you to manage all video and audio switching from your computer screen, including some operations not available from the V-80HD panel.



Manufacturer: Roland
Category: Switchers

Main parameters

Switcher inputsHDMI
Switcher inputs3G-SDI
Switcher OutputsHDMI
Switcher Outputs3G SDI
Switcher OutputsUSB
Scaler on inputsYes
FeaturesAudio Mixer
FeaturesMultiviewer/ Quadrature
FeaturesPTZ camera control
FeaturesEthernet streaming