3 Legged Thing Pro Tripod 2.0 Winston, grey

Professional tripod without head, Arca Swiss, modular design, load ratio 23 : 1, load capacity 40 kg, 3 removable legs, 6 holes with 1/4" thread for CSC / DSLR cameras, 1 hole with 3/8" thread for microphone attachment. Carbone. Gray.

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Product description

Product description

Professional tripod without head, Arca Swiss, modular design, load ratio 23 : 1, load capacity 40 kg, 3 removable legs, 6 holes with 1/4" thread for CSC / DSLR cameras, 1 hole with 3/8" thread for microphone attachment. Carbone. Gray.

Professional and highly flexible, the 3 Legged Things Winston 2.0 tripod is the perfect choice for ambitious photographers who value quality craftsmanship and materials. This model is part of the relaunched Pro Range, which is suitable for challenging landscape, architecture, people, animals and sports photography in a variety of environments. With a working range of 14.6cm to 185.3cm (up to 192.8cm with the head), it can be used in almost any circumstance, making it ideal for photographers or filmmakers of any genre.

The tripod is fully compatible with the AirHed Pro/Pro Lever ball head with QR-Octa quick release plate, which can be purchased separately, together as part of a set, or you can choose another alternative to suit your preference. By releasing the primary locking knob of the ball head, the ball joint can be quickly rotated, tilted, fully tilted or returned to the upright position. Below the primary locking knob is a secondary knob that controls up to 360° of head rotation.

The molded Tri-Mount plate includes 3 hollow spurs for attaching a strap, carabiner or 3LT Toolz, 6 1/4" threaded holes for a wide variety of CSC/DSLR cameras and camcorders, and 1 3/8" threaded hole for mounting a microphone as well as an anti-wind sleeve. The rigid and fully balanced construction of 8 layers of carbon fiber will ensure the tripod has the stability it needs in any situation. The materials used give the tripod an impressive 23:1 load-to-weight ratio thanks to its incredible 40 kg load capacity, making it suitable for significantly heavier DSLR cameras.

The leveling base has a locking knob on one side for locking or unlocking the grader. The friction of the base is controlled by a D-ring on its underside, which additionally allows the weights to be attached to the legs for added stability. The tripod base allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the picture plane when shooting video or landscape photography.

Additionally, the modular design of the tripod will allow for optimal setup to suit many photographic applications and help you overcome even the most challenging field conditions. The tripod offers right off the bat 3 removable legs that can be used separately as monopods or boom arms. The tripod is also suitable for use on a table or other elevated surface, as adding another set of legs, such as the 3LT Vanz, will turn it into a tabletop tripod in a flash.

The legs extend completely independently, making this tripod an ideal solution for creating different heights and perspectives when working on uneven terrain, for example, for capturing landscapes or sports such as skiing or snowboarding. The legs are secured by Para-Lock locks, giving you a guarantee that you won't fall and consequently damage your precious device. This is because they are designed to prevent accidental opening of the legs, thus prolonging the life of your photographic equipment.

The Rapid Latch anodized metal latch with automatic locking is used to open, position and also to quickly release the legs when needed. Unique rubber O-Pads serve as leg locks that adjust with a simple quarter turn to loosen the legs and select the desired height. Additionally, the O-Pads provide both better grip and more leverage and allow for reliable rainwater drainage in inclement weather thanks to their ingenious design. The inner locks then have premium Chicken Lips nylon sleeves that give them maximum strength.


Package contents

  • 1x 3LT Pro Winston 2.0 tripod
  • 3x Rubber foot boots
  • 1x 3LT Toolz multi-tool
  • 1x case
  • 1x strap


Brand: 3 Legged Thing
Series: Pro Range
Model: Winston 2.0
Purpose: tripod / tripod

Tripod Features
Usage: capturing landscape, architecture, animals, people, sports
Suitable for: CSC/DSLR cameras and camcorders, microphones and more
Device Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20 Male, 3/8"-16Male
Head Type: ball head (not included)
Swivel Head: 360°
Compatible Heads: 3LT Pro / Pro Lever
Quick Release Plate: QR-Octa
Quick Release Plate Type: Arca Swiss
Maximum load capacity: 40 kg
Number of column sections: 1 (26 mm)
Minimum working height: 14.6 cm
Maximum working height: 185.3 cm
Maximum working height with head: 192.8 cm
Side / 90 degree center column: No
Removable center column: Yes
Maximum height without centre column: 139.7 cm
Integrated spirit level: No
Folding length: 61.2 cm

Tripod legs
Total number of sections: 3
Section: 23 / 26 / 29 mm
Total number of positions: 3
Vertical tilt: 23 / 55 / 80°
Independent leg extension: Yes
Leg lock: Yes
Removable legs: Yes
Leg mounting screw: 1/4", 3/8"
Compatible legs: 3LT Vanz, Heelz, Stilettoz, Clawz and many more

Physical Features
Material: carbon fiber
Tripod Color: gray
Net Weight: 1.73 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 15.7 x 61.2 x 15.24 cm



Manufacturer: 3 LEGGED THING
Category: Legs


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