K&F Metal 30mm Tripod Ball Head, 295g Weight, CNC process with die casting holder, Black and Gray, 3

K&F Metal 30mm Tripod Ball Head

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Product description

Product description

K&F Metal 30mm Tripod Ball Head

  • * 【Load capacity 10kg】: The gimbal is a 30mm sphere with a net weight of only 330g/0.72lbs, but it can provide a safe load-bearing capacity of 12kg/26.5lbs;
  • * 【360 precise panorama adjustment】: Oil-free damping design allows the camera to rotate smoothly and accurately; the base is finely engraved with laser, and the pan is tracked and panned in increments of 5° from 0°-360°, and the 360° horizontal scale is convenient The photographer conducts continuous shooting panoramic photography;
  • * 【Lightweight design】: It adopts a thin waist design, an all-metal structure and a hollowed-out quick-release plate clip, and uses CNC for 0.01mm machining tolerance, ultra-high aviation aluminum alloy. Strong, stable and high quality;
  • * 【General interface】: The quick release plate adopts the Acra standard, and the top is a 1/4 inch detachable screw (can be converted to 3/8 inch), which is used to install cameras, DV, mobile phones, telescopes, etc.; the bottom is 3/8 inch standard interface;
  • * 【Tripod Ball Head Packing list】: equipped with 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch two-way conversion screws, equipped with M4 adjustment wrench;


Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Heads