K&F Concept MS02(Black orange)

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Product description

Product description

The versatile tripod features a maximum height of 34cm, with 5-section leg adjustment, providing flexibility for various shooting scenarios. Its 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90-degree vertical tilt allow comprehensive coverage for capturing landscapes, portraits, or sports scenes. With a 1/4-inch interface, it is compatible with various devices, ensuring stability through a shock-absorbing rubber ring and a non-slip silicone pad. The included Bluetooth remote control, weighing only 97g, allows convenient wireless operation within a 10-meter range for up to 10 hours, making it ideal for travel and outdoor shooting.

  • * The maximum height reaches 34cm, and it supports 5-section leg adjustment, so you can adjust the required height arbitrarily. This tripod head supports a load-bearing capacity of 2kg and is suitable for the needs of most mirrorless cameras, phone tripod with remote and other equipment.
  • * The spherical head has the ability to rotate 360 degrees horizontally and tilt 90 degrees vertically, enabling all-round shooting coverage. Whether you are shooting landscapes, people or sports scenes, you can easily capture the angle and field of view you want.
  • * There is a 1/4-inch interface on the top, which can be connected to any device for users to shoot and support. The modified tube has a built-in shock-absorbing rubber ring, making the entire stretch tube more stable and stronger.
  • * The phone tripod with remote adopts a widened fixed structure and a non-slip silicone pad on the bottom for more stable support. It weighs only 97g and is easy to carry, suitable for travel and outdoor shooting.
  • * A free Bluetooth remote control is provided, which can be quickly paired without a password and supports taking photos or recording videos freely within 10 meters. Can work continuously for 10 hours.


Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Table tripods