K&F Concept full-color handheld RGB video fill light

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Product description

Product description

W200 2500K-9000K full-color handheld RGB video fill light, 3000mah rechargeable, magnet-attached RGB video fill light

    * 69 white lamp beads, 69 yellow lamp beads, 46 RGB lamp beads, 0-360° full color adjustable, 0-100% brightness adjustable, 20 special effects scene effects, easy to create various scene layouts;
    * 2500K-9000K color temperature mode, CCTT mode can be switched at will, high color rendering, display index> 95, stepless dimming, to meet various needs;
    * Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, charging time about 2.5 hours, maximum brightness output up to 2 hours, minimum brightness output up to 15 hours; built-in LCD display, high-definition screen display, battery and parameter settings are clear at a glance;
    * Magnet design on the back, built-in magnets at both ends, can absorb iron surface, fast lighting; (Note: Do not attach the magnet to the surface with a temperature over 80°C to prevent the magnetic force from declining;
    * The cold shoe interface with 1/4 threaded hole makes it compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders, tripods and lamp stands, soft light panels, etc.;



Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Camera lights

Main parameters

Light controlBluetooth IOS/Android application