K&F Concept Action Camera Filters UV, high-definition lens, anti-reflection green film, waterproof


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Product description

Product description

Enhance your photography with our AGC optical glass filter. Featuring 28 layers of nano-coating for reduced reflections and improved image quality, this waterproof and anti-fouling filter ensures optimal performance. Designed with a frame bayonet for easy installation and removal, it maintains a lightweight profile, ideal for gimbal use. The blackened surface minimizes reflections, ensuring a seamless impact on your imaging experience.

  • * The filter adopts AGC optical glass
  • * Adopt 28 layers of nano-coating to minimize reflections and flares and improve image quality, also waterproof and anti-fouling
  • * The frame bayonet design fits perfectly with the fuselage lens base and is easy to install/remove
  • * The filter weight has been strictly tested and does not affect the camera load of the gimbal
  • * The surface of the filter is blackened to minimize reflections and reduce the impact on imaging


Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Filters