K&F 90 inch /2.3m Camera Tripods magnesium aluminum alloy tripods Reversible Detachable Monopod

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Product description

Product description

Introducing our innovative photography tripod with a patented universal center axis structure, offering a pitch angle adjustment from 0 to 120 degrees and a 360-degree horizontal panoramic capability for versatile shooting angles. With a remarkable maximum height of 2.3 meters, this tripod ensures you stand out in any scene framing. The stable design features a 28mm increased tube diameter in the central axis, minimizing lens shake during shooting. Weighing only 2kg with a secure 10kg weight capacity, the 28mm sphere head provides smooth and accurate rotation with an oil-free damping design. Additionally, the tripod includes a detachable monopod for flexible scene framing in limited spaces. Elevate your photography experience with our versatile and stable tripod solution.

  • * 【Universal center axis】: patented universal center axis structure, pitch angle 0-120 ° angle adjustment and horizontal 360 ° panoramic, angle arbitrary adjustment shooting
  • * 【Ultra-high size】: the maximum height of the product can be used up to 2.3 meters, so that you stand out in the scene framing; 4 sections of the foot tube design, closing size 54cm, net weight 2kg
  • * 【More stable】: The central axis using 28mm increased tube diameter, more stable in the horizontal state, reducing the lens shake during the shooting process
  • * 【Weight 10kg】: The head is a 28mm sphere, providing a safe weight of 10Kg; oil-free damping design, so that the camera can be smooth and accurate rotation.360-degree horizontal scale at the bottom of the head, shooting panoramic photos becomes easier and produce more shocking results than ultra-wide angle lenses
  • * 【Detachable monopod】: equipped with a detachable monopod, when shooting space is limited, it is easy for photographers to frame the scene flexibly


Manufacturer: K&F Concept
Category: Tripods