DJI RS 3 Mini

The DJI RS 3 Mini, the first-ever Mini version of the RS series, is a small, lightweight handheld stabilizer with a large payload capacity. It supports common mirrorless camera and lens combinations and inherits the superior stabilization performance of the RS 3 series.

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Product description

The DJI RS 3 Mini, the first-ever Mini version of the RS series, is a small, lightweight handheld stabilizer with a large payload capacity. It supports common mirrorless camera and lens combinations and inherits the superior stabilization performance of the RS 3 series.

Groundbreaking design in a compact body
RS 3 Mini has an innovative design that includes a smaller footprint, integrated battery and portrait shooting capability. The compact and portable body fits easily into a shoulder bag, allowing you to travel light. In use, the RS 3 Mini is approximately half the size of the RS 3 Pro, making it more suitable for extended use.

Very lightweight, easy to use
The RS 3 Mini weighs just 795g in portrait mode, approximately 50% less than the RS 3 Pro and 40% less than the RS 3. When shooting horizontally, it weighs just 850g. The balanced centre of gravity also makes it more stable and ergonomic for handheld shooting.

Effortless performance
The RS 3 Mini has a weight capacity of up to 2 kg, making it the best device in its category for its weight, so it can easily handle larger setups such as the Sony A7S + 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens. It supports regular FF or APS-C mirrorless cameras, allowing for a wide variety of camera and lens combinations. Thanks to its high-torque motors, the RS 3 Mini can maintain stable shooting when zooming to the maximum focal length for most lenses without the need to rebalance.

Professional stabilization
With the same excellent RS 3 Generation stabilization algorithm as the RS 3 Pro, the RS 3 Mini can achieve professional-level image stabilization. Whether you're running or shooting from a low angle, your images will remain stable.

Diverse camera movements
The RS 3 Mini's unique size and features provide ample opportunity to achieve a variety of camera movements. It also reduces the need to reshoot due to camera shake, allowing you to capture every moment and create with greater confidence.

New dual-layer quick release plate
The improved dual-layer quick release plate features a top plate with a curved placement guide to prevent camera rotation and loosening. The distinctive mounting and locking marks further increase efficiency during start-up and storage. It also adheres to the ARCA standard, allowing for easy tripod swapping.

Native vertical shooting
Instantly switch to vertical shooting mode without additional accessories. Just attach a standard quick release plate to the gimbal's vertical arm and shoot content optimized for social media platforms. Compared to portrait modes on other gimbals, the RS 3 Mini's gimbal angle is greatly expanded in Native Vertical mode. It even offers the same control experience as Horizontal mode. It's also easy to shoot in vertical mode, suspensions and more.

NATO rail
The RS 3 Mini is equipped with a NATO rail for the ability to install accessories such as Briefcase Handles, external lights and monitors, allowing for greater flexibility.

Shutter control via Bluetooth
The RS 3 Mini features the same Bluetooth shutter control that first appeared on the RS 3 Pro. This feature supports common mirrorless camera models and allows the RS 3 Mini to automatically reconnect with the camera after the first pairing. Once paired via Bluetooth, you can directly control the video recording and photo taking functions of the camera via the record button on the gimbal. When using a Sony camera with a supported digital lens, you can directly control the optical or digital zoom of the lens using the front controller, eliminating the need to use the camera's control cable.

Gimbal mode switch button
Press the M button to switch between PF (pan and tilt tracking), PTF (pan and tilt tracking) and FPV modes. Users can also customize the tracking speed and other parameters of the RS 3 Mini on the touchscreen, making it smoother and more intuitive.

1.4" colour touchscreen
The RS 3 Mini features a 1.4" color touchscreen display with a new user interface. Most functions can be adjusted without an app and common settings can be accessed quickly and intuitively.

Focusing with the front dial
Like other cameras in the DJI RS series, the RS 3 Mini has an ergonomic front dial that can be rotated to adjust focus, ISO, aperture, shutter and more. Use the front dial to control the movement of the gimbal's three axes so you can work independently more efficiently.

Shoot for 10 hours
Integrated battery grip lasts up to 10 hours in operation, plenty of power
to keep you shooting all day. To get back to filming quickly, the RS 3 Mini recharges in just 2.5 hours. You can even use it while it's charging.

Add time-lapse video to any video to create an eye-catching introduction or breathtaking transition.

Set the gimbal to move through up to 10 preset points and take dynamic videos of any scene or environment.

Use panorama mode to capture a larger portion of the landscape to capture a larger whole.

DJI Microphone
Combine the RS 3 Mini with a DJI microphone to enhance your vlogs with high-quality audio. With integrated storage, the DJI microphone is ready to use right out of the case. The compact microphone can provide up to 250m of transmission and with the charging case, it can last up to 15 hours in operation. The transmitters are lightweight, portable and feature magnetic accessories for concealed carry, allowing you to handle a variety of audio recording scenarios without worry.




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    The DJI RS 3 Mini, the first-ever Mini version of the RS series, is a small, lightweight
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