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TheJapanese company Canareis a world leading manufacturer of professional audio and videocabling, 50 and 75 ohm BNC, F and RCA (cinch) connectors, patch panels and cable drums, also offering crimping tools.

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Canare 12G-SDI Ultra Coax Cable L-5.5CUHD bulk

Special 12G-SDI coaxial cabling (SMPTE 2082-1). Attenuation 39.1 dB/100 m @ 6 GHz
3.39 €
In stock 415 m

Canare 12G-SDI Ultra Coax Cable L-3.3CUHD

Special 12G-SDI coaxial cabling (SMPTE 2082-1). Attenuation 68.5 dB/100 m @ 6 GHz
2.06 €
In stock 500 m

Canare L-1.5C2VS

L-1.5C2VS -Our thinnest 75 ohm coax is both lightweight and super flexible, an ideal
1.21 €
In stock 514 m

Canare L-4CFB installation coaxial SDI cable, metrage

Canare L-4CFB installation 3G/HD/SD-SDI "low loss" 75 ohm coaxial cable. Price per
1.57 €
In stock 50 m

Canare L-3CFW flexible 3G/HD-SDI coaxial cable, by meter

Canare L-3CFW is a "Low Loss" flexible and durable 75 ohm coaxial 3G/HD/SD-SDI cable,
2.54 €
In stock 450 m

Canare L-5CFW flexibilný 3G/HD-SDI coaxial cable

Canare L-5CFW je "Low Loss" flexibilný a odolný 75 ohm koaxiálny kábel, vonkajší
3.63 €
To be sent 2140 m

Canare L-2.5CHLT (by meter)

Canare L-2.5CHLT -75 ohm Digital Video Coaxial Cable Super Low Loss Coax (Highly-Foamed
1.21 €
In stock 430 m