Tilta Illusion 95mm Digital Diffusion Filter Kit

Tilta Illusion 95mm Digital Diffusion Filter Kit

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Product description

Product description

Tilta Illusion 95mm Digital Diffusion Filter Kit

1:Tilta Illusion 95mm Digital Diffusion 1/2 Filter(TF-95-DD12)*1
2:Tilta Illusion 95mm Digital Diffusion 1/4 Filter(TF-95-DD14)*1
3:Tilta Illusion 95mm Digital Diffusion 1/8 Filter(TF-95-DD18)*1

  • [DIFFUSION FILTER] Reduces Contrast and Creates a More Film Like Look
  • [PROTECTION FILTER] Protects Against Scratches, Smudges, & Debris
  • [TRUE COLOR] Rendition Produces Clean & Accurate Colors
  • [95MM STANDARD] Compatible with the Tilta Mirage Matte Box
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT] Design is Significantly Lighter and Thinner than Traditional Filters

Introducing the next generation of 95mm filters for the Mirage Matte Box – TILTA ILLUSION

The Illusion Filters are the new, in house manufactured set of filters specifically designed for the Circular 95mm Standard of the Mirage Matte Box.

This filter is a type of diffusion filter that subtly reduces contrast and helps mitigate the ultra-sharpness associated with modern digital cameras.

This filter helps create a film like visual atmosphere and more flattering skin tones without causing excessive blooming of highlights.

This filter is ideal for users who are looking to take the digital edge off of overly sharp modern cameras.



Manufacturer: Tilta
Category: Filters

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Filter typeDigital Diffusion