Tascam AK-DR70C

Accessory package for DR-701D and DR-70D

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Product description

Product description

Accessory package for DR-701D and DR-70D


  • Fuzzy windscreen for reduced wind noise
    • When filming outdoors, even slight breezes can cause mics to pick up wind noise. In order to physically prevent this noise, this package includes a fuzzy windscreen that fits the form of the DR-701D and DR-70D.
  • Shoe mount adapter that can be attached to a camera accessory shoe or the recorder
    • The bottom of the adapter can be mounted on a camera accessory shoe, and the top has a shoe mount adapter with a tripod screw. By using this adapter, the recorder can be attached to the accessory shoe of a digital SLR camera. Also, by mounting the accessory shoe on the top of the DR-701D/DR-70D case, you can use it to attach a shotgun mic or wireless mic transmitter to the recorder. This makes a variety of setups possible.
  • Two 3.5-mm stereo mini jack cables (300 mm long) for connecting the DR-701D/DR-70D to a DSLR camera
    • The DR-701D/DR-70D has an output jack that allows audio input through the unit to be recorded directly to the camera. By using the two 3.5-mm stereo mini jack cables included in this package, you can monitor audio from both the recorder and the camera with one set of headphones without the need to change connections. Simply connect one cable between the DR-701D/DR-70D CAMERA OUT jack and the camera’s AUX IN (or other audio input) jack, and the other between the camera’s headphones output jack and the DR-701D/DR-70D CAMERA IN jack.


Manufacturer: TASCAM
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