SmallRig 17mm Threaded Lens Backplane for iPhone 14 Pro Max Cage 4079

SmallRig 17mm Threaded Lens Backplane for iPhone 14 Pro Max Cage 4079, can…

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Product description

Product description

SmallRig 17mm Threaded Lens Backplane for iPhone 14 Pro Max Cage 4079, can be used with 17mm threaded lens, the backplane is locked by three screws which can be removed, and can replace the M-mount backplane of the original cage (ID: 4077), allows to attach lenses in different mounts;The precise holes and accurate calibration make it do not block the camera of iPhone, such as ultra -wide angle lens of iPhone.

1. Can be used with 17mm threaded lens to enhance the image quality of iPhone camera.
2. It is locked by screws, can replace the M-mount backplane of the original cage.
3. The precise holes and accurate calibration make it do not block the camera of iPhone.

Note: Only be used with SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 14 Pro Max (ID: 4077);keep it away from strong acids.

Compatibility: SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 14 Pro Max (ID: 4077)


1 x 17mm Threaded Lens Backplane
6 x Screw
1 x Screwdriver


Product Dimensions: 89.8 x 57.9 x 5.3mm
Package Dimensions: 106x99x33mm
Product Weight: 20g
Package Weight: 70g±5g
Material(s)Aluminum Alloy



Manufacturer: SmallRig
Category: Rigs for mobiles
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SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 14 Pro Max 4077

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