MOVMAX Hurricane Rain Deflector Pro

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Product description

Product description

The MOVMAX Hurricane Rain Deflector Pro is a high-quality accessory engineered to keep camera lenses free from rain and moisture, ensuring seamless shooting in adverse weather. Weighing 1.2kg, it includes a top flag, D-Tap to Lemo power cable (1.5m), multiple lens adapters (95mm, 110mm, 114mm), two filter holders, a 15/19mm rod bracket, a remote control with a spare, and a durable flight case. This versatile and robust deflector is ideal for professional filmmakers seeking reliable performance and enhanced footage quality in challenging conditions.


  • Comprehensive rain and moisture protection for camera lenses
  • Top flag for additional shielding
  • Multiple lens adapters (95mm, 110mm, 114mm)
  • Two filter holders for versatile use
  • 15/19mm rod bracket for secure mounting
  • Remote control with a spare for convenience
  • Durable flight case for safe transport and storage



Manufacturer: Vaxis
Category: Miscellaneous