Libec RS-250D

Verzia statívu Libec RS-250D zo spodnou rozperou obsahuje nasledovné súčasti:

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Product description

Product description

Verzia statívu Libec RS-250D zo spodnou rozperou obsahuje nasledovné súčasti:

  • 1x hlavu RH25
  • 1x nohy RT30B
  • 1x rúčku PH-4B
  • 1x spodnú rozperu SP-2B
  • 1x tašku RC-30

Variable video head balance allows the tripod to be used on a large number of small handycam HDV, XDCAM EX, P2 or AVCHD cameras. The Libec RS-250 is a full-featured tripod leg and video head set that offers videographers and documentarians similar control to higher-end models, but at a more affordable price.

The Libec RS-250D / RS-250DM tripod comes in two sets:

  • RS-250Dincludes: 1xRH25 head, 1xRT30B legs, 1xPH-4B handle, 1xSP-2B bottom spacer, 1xRC-30
  • bag
  • RS-250DMincludes: 1xRH25 head, 1xRT30B legs, 1xPH-4B handle, 1xBR-2B middle spacer, 1x set ofFP-2B rubber feet, 1xRC-30

Features of Libec RS-250 video tripod:

  • Ideal balance:
  • the improved counterbalance system on the new Libec video tripods allows the camera to be stopped precisely (at weights from 4.5 to 10.5kg) at any inclination.
  • The new and redesignedcounterbalance
  • mechanism brings a big step forward when working with the camera. Thanks to the new mechanism, the so-called "wobbling" effect (jerkiness in the image when turning) as well as the "backlash" effect that used to accompany the stopping of the rotation at inappropriate tripods has been significantly eliminated. Now you can finally enjoy working with the camera to the fullest and just engage in creative filmmaking without restrictions.
  • The new Libec RS video tripods have excellent features and the same controleven
  • at lower temperatures. Compared to conventional tripods, the RS can also be used comfortably in temperatures around -40°C.
  • Extraordinary rigidity:
The all-new tripod leg design eliminates "kicking" and shaking caused by leg instability. Completely redesigned legs provide unparalleled stability for perfect results under any circumstances.



Manufacturer: Libec
Category: Tripods

Main parameters

Load capacity6kg

  • 1x RH25
  • head
  • 1x legs RT30B
  • 1x handle PH-4B
  • 1x bottom strut SP-2B
  • 1x bag RC-30


Basic specifications of Libec RS-250D / RS-250DM video tripod:

  • Load capacity:up to 6kg
  • Inclination:+90° / -70°
  • Balancing:smooth
  • Stiffness:2 degrees
  • Camera mount:quick release plate, 1/4" thread
  • Plate:sliding plate, ±40mm
  • Weight:5.9kg (5.6kg for M version)
  • Height:54.5cm to 165cm (80cm to 164.5cm for M version)
  • Hemispherical diameter:75mm
  • Sections:2

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    Libec RS-250D

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