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Every pro knows that the lens of a camera or camcorder makes a good image. It doesn't matter if you're shooting a student film, a product video, or a " home video" . That's why you'll find quality lenses from leading manufacturers like Sony, Sigma, Panasonic, Tamron, Olympus and many others that are compatible with all types of bayonets. If you would like to venture into higher categories, there are also Zeiss cine lenses and anamorphic lenses from the legendary Angenieux brand.

We offer fixed focal length lenses as well as zoom lenses and macro lenses for full frame as well as Super35 and APS-C sensors. Our range also includes lens filters and other essential accessories for enthusiast and professional videographers.

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Fujinon ZA17X7.6BERD-S10

In stock 3 pcs
without VAT 11 823.85 € 14 306.86 €
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Fujinon ZA22x7.6BERD-S6

In stock 2 pcs
without VAT 20 164.58 € 24 399.14 €
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Fujinon XA20sx8.5BERM+SS01 2/3″ HD eXceed lens KIT

on request
without VAT 6 150 € 7 441.5 €
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Fujinon XA20sx8.5BRM+SS01 2/3″ HD eXceed lens KIT

on request
without VAT 4 890 € 5 916.9 €
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Fujinon XA20sx8.5BERM 2/3″ HD eXceed lens

on request
without VAT 4 592 € 5 556.32 €
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Fujinon XA20sx8.5BRM 2/3″ HD eXceed lens

on request
without VAT 3 290 € 3 980.9 €